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Pop Demand Mod : Divide By Zero
« : 24 Mayıs 2015, 10:57:18 »

Kod: [Seç]
Version 2.0:
- Slightly reduced ressource input requirements for most military factories.
- Pops are now far less likely to become Jacobin rebels in a democracy or hms_government with all essential political reforms.
- Pops are now much more likely to become Socialist rebels due to social_reform_want.
- free_corps: Reduced pop_militancy_modifier to 0.15 (down from 0.2).
- visionary_thinker: Reduced research_points_modifier to 0.5 (down from 1.0), but added 0.25 research_points (new).
- Reduced pop emigration chance before 1840 (prevents emigration from initial economic instability).
- Reduced pop emigration chance at high unemployment.
- New event "French Population Growth Stabilizes" that grants 3 life rating to all French provinces in Europe after 1910.
- Pops will no longer start to demand unemployment subsides while their province is occupied.
- fashion_houses: Added 0.25 factory_goods_throughput for regular_clothes and luxury_clothes (new).
- Added 0.25 regular_clothes throughput to sharp_n_roberts_power_loom, jacquard_power_loom and northrop_power_loom and increased rgo_goods_throughput to 0.25 (up from 0.15).
- Event 8760321 (White Hooded Judge): Reduced militancy to 1 (down from 2), but increased consciousness to 4 (up from 2).
- AI will now avoid some MIL increasing EVTOPTs when above 3 average_militancy.
- critical_theory: Increased increase_research to 0.45 (up from 0.3).
- open_immigration: Added -0.01 non_accepted_pop_militancy_modifier (new).
- naturalization: Added -0.02 non_accepted_pop_militancy_modifier (new).
- Added non_accepted_pop_militancy_modifier to citizenship_policy issues (new).
- Increased RP cost for unciv reforms to 6500/13000 (up from 6000/12000).
- Added default_organisation bonus to experimental_carriers, converted_hulk_carriers and purpose_built_carriers (new).
- Corrected some tech localisations.
- New invention: massproduced_rail that grants a factory_goods_output bonus for steel.
- cinematographic_propaganda: Does no longer require the_talkies.
- Added negative invention chances to all (+) inventions (should improve clarity quite a bit).
- Changed cb_generation_speed_modifier for vote_franschise issues to 1.0/0.25/0/-0.25/-0.5/-0.75 (from 1.0/0.5/0.25/-0.25/-0.5/-1.0).
- Removed cb_generation_speed_modifier from state_press.
- Added a fake tooltip to nobody_gets_out to clarify that it prevents pop emigration.
- Reworked tooltip for upper house reform support.
- Halved tax_eff for monetary_system techs, but doubled administrative_efficiency to compensate.
- commerce_3: Added 2.5 tax_eff (new).
- Pops will now become slightly more socialist for each active acceptable or good social reform.
- Pops will now become slightly more liberal for each active advanced political reforms.
- national_radio_networks: Now requires shift_work and electricity (instead of assembly_line).
- Added custom social_liberal parties [by ClothCoat] for AST, AUS, BEL, BRZ, CAN, CSA, DNB, ENG, FRA, GER, IBR, JAP, KUK, NET, NGF, PRU, RUS, SCA, SGF, SPA, SPC, SWE and USA.
- Fixed a potential issue with rebel unit composition.
- Added some missing late game invention localisations.
- Fixed several event code erros.
- Changed total prestige gain from Officer Training events and inventions to 5/5/10/10/20/20/30 (from 10) and shifted some prestige from Officer Training events to the related inventions.
- Changed total prestige gain from improved_capitalist_and_worker_promotion events and inventions to 5/5/10/10/20 (from 5/5/5/10/10) and shifted some prestige from events to the related inventions.
- Added a linebreak in front of all culture voting rule tooltips.
- Event 17515 (General Strike!) now requires at least 2 average_militancy to trigger.
- New invention: "great_war_paradigm" for mass_politics.
- Great War enabling event does now require great_war_paradigm invention (instead of revolution_n_counterrevolution tech).
- Fixed some broken event triggers and effects in ExtraElectionEvents and GAGANewEvents.
- the_british_raj: Increased research_points to 1.5 (up from 1) and increased prestige to 0.1 (up from 0.02).
- dutch_east_india: Increased research_points to 0.75 (up from 0.5), but removed prestige bonus.
- Increased AI weight for early Political Thought techs past 1900.
- motorised_infantry: Now requires daimlers_automobile.
- revanchism: Now applies core_pop_militancy_modifier (as intended).
- Event 22550 (Wildcat Bills): Reduced EVTOPTA militancy to 2 (down from 5) and increased militancy for EVTOPTB to 4 (up from 2).
- Reduced build time for factories to 30 days (down from 180).
- Changed mobilisation_economy_impact for conscription issues to 2/1.75/1.5/1.25/1 (from 2/1.5/1/0.5/0.25).
- Increased timber throughput for tree_plantations, logging and regenerative_forestry to 0.25 (up from 0.1).
- Increased RGO output effect of aristocrats to 4 (up from 2).
- Added 0.1 factory_goods_output for oil and rubber to improved_synthetic_materials and modern_synthetic_materials and replaced factory_goods_throughput for cement with factory_goods_output (new).
- Replaced tech activation for iron_machine_parts_factory, steel_machine_parts_factory, advanced_machine_parts_factory, rubber_boot_factory, advanced_luxury_furniture_factory, advanced_luxury_clothes_factory, small_arms_factory, late_small_arms_factory, iron_artillery_factory and artillery_factory with factory_goods_output and factory_goods_throughput effects.
- Reduced goods input and output for small_arms and artillery factories by 50% and changed input to copper, iron, steel and either gunpowder or explosives.
- modern_power_plants: Increased electric_power output to 0.1 (up from 0.05).
- Renamed "Furniture" to "Regular Furniture".
- Replaced fruit good input for stables with iron and increased grain demand to 40 (up from 30).
- Fixed an exploit that allowed to circumvent colonial_dawn effects by releasing dominions or vassals.
- Changed tech requirement for fashion_houses and modernist_furnishing to shift_work (from assembly_line).
- mechanized_mining: Added 0.5 iron throughput (new).
- AI may now circumvent the factory requirements for the support_ruhr_industrialism and expand_motala_verkstad decisions (new).
- ACW, AACW and Taiping event chains do now have a 1 month grace period between secession and declaration of war. (Should fix issues with stuck units and result in less chaotic early war situations.)
- abandon_neutrality: Now only available for SWI (new).
- Added issue_change_speed to all MIL triggered modifiers.
- csa_draft: Reduced mobilization_impact to 0.5 (down from 2).
- Colonial Rebels will now defect to culture_group.
- Indian Nationalists will now defect as pan_nationalist.
- Changed education_efficiency_modifier impact from child_labor to -0.15/0/0.15 (from -0.25/0/0.25).
- Changed education_efficiency_modifier impact from education to -0.15/0/0.15 (from 0/0.25/0.5).
- Event 18120 (Conservative Swing in The Upper House): Will no longer trigger at 50% or more conservatives in the UH, changed EVTOPTA to give MIL to reactionaries (instead of liberals and socialists).
- Moved all tier I technologies from 1836 to 1820 (equals a 16% cost reduction).
- Event 12010 and 12011 (Parlimentary Inquiry): Will now apply reform desire instead of passing the reform, reduced CON effects to 4 (down from 6).
- daimlers_automobile: Does now require semi_automatization (new).
- wright_n_langleys_aeroplanes: Does now require semi_automatization (new).
- Reduced electric_gear input for radio_factory to 20 (down from 25) and reduced radio output to 45 (down from 48).
- Reduced coal input for coal_plant to 50 (down from 60) and reduced electric_power output to 85 (down from 90).
- Pops are now significantly more likely to become nationalist rebels in provinces that have nationalist_agitation.
- guerrilla_warfare_doctrine: Increased attack and defence bonus to 5 (up from 3) and increased reconnaissance to 2 (up from 1).
- Increased Infantry base attack to 3 (up from 2).
- flexible_firepower: Increased infantry defence to 1 (up from 0.5).
- synchronized_heavy_support: Increased infantry defence to 1 (up from 0.5).
- Changed Irregular build_cost to 1 small_arms (was 5 timber).
- Colonial pops are now significantly more likely to become separatist once post_colonial_era triggered.
- colonial_exploitation: Reduced colonial_points to 25 (down from 100).
- national_instability: Increased issue_change_speed to 1.0 (up from 0.1).
- Moved synthetic_tropical_factory UI position (now grouped with synthetic_oil_factory and synthetic_rubber_factory).
- The Balfour Declaration decision will now show the ownership or sphering requirements as an allow trigger (new).
- Increased increase_research for neoclassical_theory, keynesian_economics and neoliberal_theory to 0.3 (up from 0.15).
- Added national_radio_networks requirement to radio_coordination and signals_intelligence (new).
- Moved aerial_support from aeronautics to modern_military_science.
- Added 0.25 discipline to military_aviation (new).
- modern_financial_institutions: Increased factory_output to 0.05 (up from 0.02).
- modern_monetary_system: Increased tax_eff to 10 (up from 5).
- modern_business_management: Increased factory_output to 0.03 (up from 0.01).
- Increased shared_prestige from mathematical_sociology inventions to 30 (up from 15).
- Craftsmen should now longer migrate to provinces without factories.
- artificial_fertilizers: Added 0.5 rgo_goods_throughput for timber, cotton, fruit, coffee and tobacco (new).
- carbon_soil_enrichment: Added 0.5 rgo_goods_throughput for tea, opium, sugar, spices, timber, cotton, fruit, coffee and tobacco (new).
- Slightly reduced craftsmen promotion chances below 30% literacy.
- colonial_exploitation: Moved RGO effects to a seperate province modifier that is applied via events 555090 and 555091 (Colonial Maintenance) and removed Berlin Conference invention requirement.
- Added two new decisions that allow to max fort and naval base levels once the specific max level techs are unlocked.
- NAVAL_BASE_SUPPLY_SCORE_BASE: Reduced to 2 (down from 4).
- Removed strategic_factory tag from most late game tech factories (experimental, might make capis more likely to build these factories).
- japanese_tech_school: Reduced industry_tech_research_bonus and navy_tech_research_bonus to 0.2 (down from 0.25).
- Adjusted some AI tech weights.

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Link : http://www.mediafire.com/download/1nwk7k38m93yviy/PDM_divide_by_ZERO+2.0.rar
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Ynt: Pop demand divide by zero
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Bence gayet şaçma bir mod. Oyun başlar başlamaz fransa prusyayı yakıp yıkıyor askerlerin sayısıda 0.

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Ynt: Pop demand divide by zero
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Bence gayet şaçma bir mod. Oyun başlar başlamaz fransa prusyayı yakıp yıkıyor askerlerin sayısıda 0.

Normal oyundada en başta Fransa Prusyayı yakıp yıkabilir.

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Ynt: Pop demand divide by zero
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Normal oyundada en başta Fransa Prusyayı yakıp yıkabilir.

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Ynt: Pop Demand Mod : Divide By Zero
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Konu güncellenmiştir.
Arkamda dost Fransız tümeni olmasındansa önümde Alman ordusu olmasını tercih ederim.

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Ynt: Pop Demand Mod : Divide By Zero
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