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If anyone is dumb enough to believe I'm actually involved with the Skype/Steam group, please know that I am not.

v.023 - (In Progress)

-Republic flags now properly appear.
-Fixed a few problems with playing as the HBC.
-Just try and prestige spam now, motherfucker, I dare you.
-How Italy forms is now completely different. Further, Italy will have a different flag depending on the nation that formed it.
-A chain has been added that makes it possible for the Federation of the Rhine to form on its own.
-The Federation of the Rhine is no longer formable via decision.
-Conservatives are now less likely to pass reforms.
-The Middle East's cores have been reorganized.
-Added a bunch of decisions for smaller nations to claim their rightful clay.
-Austria has been radically changed.
-The French Civil War is finally based on region, so it is more balanced.
-Africa now works in an entirely new way: colonization is impossible, and there will be a Conference in the 1870s that will divide up Africa amongst the participants. Each chunk of Africa has a bunch of different modifiers determining who is likely to be the one to get it.

v.0221 - September 26, 2012

-Fixes a major problem with the British Union and a few smaller problems.

v.022 - September 25, 2012

This version breaks save games.

-The Read Me file has been updated with a history of the game.
-USA now will deal with fewer anarcho-libs compared to previously.
-No more War of the Sixth Coalition.
-The Peking Event is changed, and now properly will give land to The Tsarists if they won the Civil War.
-Added a cool event chain where nations will go democracy if they are HM's governments and either War Exhaustion is high or Unemployment is high. This only starts mid-game, and will get more common as the year gets later.
-Gran Columbia has been re-added to the game, but pannationalists rebels will not often form to create it.
-If the CSA forms via nationalist rebels, the American Civil War will trigger.
-Fixed the Haitian decision.
-Added events simulating British/American diplomacy, including a chain involving the Oregon Territory Dispute.
-Fascist nations get a Lebensraum CB that can be used on countries larger than default Conquest allows. This CB allows you to entirely annex an enemy nation, but when you declare war with it, you get 40 infamy.
-The French Republic and the Kingdom of France can no longer form The French Empire.
-The French decision to invade Egypt now requires Nostalgic Romanticism.
-Ive rebalanced the situation in Austria. It now re-owns the Illyrian provinces and can only vassalize the SGF. Further, it no longer starts at war with Hungary.
-There are no longer German cores in Austria, either. Everything related to the formation of Germany is now like in Vanilla.
-Additionally, the Austro-Hungarian compromise has been changed to more accurately reflect the nature of the compromise.
-Forming Italy as vassal now allows you to keep lands you have cores on.
-Greece is now releasable.
-A change to the history: Spain is now still a puppet of France. The Cortes/Junta is in exile in Cuba.
-A decision to annex all of Mexico during the Mexican-American war if you are dominating Mexico in the war.
-Sicily starts independent, reflecting what likely would have happened at the peace conference in the 1820s.
-The Native Confederation now has some events and decisions that make it a viable option to play as.
-If your capital is occupied, and you are a GP/SP, you get some pretty nasty status effects.
-Added an improved Greek revolt event.
-Radical Reconstruction now removes CSA cores.
-Lowered the assimilation rate of pops.
-Indonesia has been reorganized to be more historically accurate.
-Johore will now have just one gold producing province.
-Bear Flag Revolt event for the USA/Mexico.
-The Hudson Bay Company now controls most of Canada, and will be gradually annexed by the U.S. and the British Empire.
-The Mexican decision from Finnbro's Minimod to Refute Manifest Destiny has been added.
-The Region changes, including the new US states, are now properly in the mod.
-Polish/PLC cores have been reorganized, and a decision for the PLC will eventually give you cores on Polish lands.
-Forming Israel now gets rid of 20 infamy, so make sure to do it, silly goy.
-Decision at the start of the game to turn Lucky Nations on or off.
-Added an optional Lucky Nations effect to the game.
-Added a lengthy chain involving the British Union and the Empire that has to do with Scotland, Ireland, Australia, revolution, civil wars, and coups.
-There are three ways for the Britains to be reunified: By a complete and total victory in a war (a decision will enable this), diplomatic annexation if the Union becomes a monarchy or if the Empire becomes a republic, and the lengthy chain.

v0.21 - August 19, 2012


-Fixed the Crimean War decision so that it doesn't add 20 infamy.
-The Tanzimat Reforms Decision is fixed. Sorry about that.
-Communist governments will have their Capitalist pops either killed or turned into craftsmen. Further, Communist governments should now prevent anyone from promoting to capitalists.
-If one controls Mecca and has an atheistic political policy, one can open the Mystery Box. There are eight different things one can find inside. No guarantees for your safety or sanity.
-Removed the Arab Revolt events for the time being.
-If you fail to free Crimea in the Crimean War, Crimea and the Ottomans will lose all the cores they got from the decision.
-The Statue of Liberty decision has been altered. Among other things, it now is sent to Poland and does not increase immigration.
-The British and Dutch decision letting you move capitals are no longer repeatable.
-Italy can now be formed as a vassal if an outside power has sphered all of it.
-Tsarist Russia will now get some prestige if it wins the Russian Civil War.
-Accepting a Gutter Crown will now make you lose 300 prestige, you fucking casual. YES, I'm talking to YOU.
-The Russian Civil War's victory conditions have been edited. If any side makes peace, war will break out quickly again until one side either wins fairly or one side gets 100% War Exhaustion.
-The Civil War in America actually will happen now only if the year is 1880 and conditions are met. Further, CSA doesn't start getting cores until 1860. Fucking Confederate nationalists.
-Aschaffenburg is no longer required to be held/sphered to form the SGF.
-A decision for the Papal States will trigger an event chain with France over the Concordat of 1801.
-Two cool events by a bro: One is an event that lets Oman release Zanzibar as a kingdom, as it did in real life. The other lets any nation with Greek land give it to Greece once Greece exists.
-Added some decisions to actually make Liberia a playable nation. It starts Partially Westernized, can stop being a satellite when it becomes independent, and can expand to its natural inland provinces once a certain level of civilization on the coast is reached.
-Back to Africa decisions added for the US.
-Big event: The French Civil War. It will occur around 1870, and will be against either the Bourbons or Republicans, depending on a choice you made. Either side can choose to call upon the non-French pops to rise up against the opponent as the Coalition of Nations, though whoever does this loses their cores on those lands.

v0.20 - August 2, 2012

-Removed the Easter Egg due to a general negative reaction (It was just a light-hearted joke, guys, if I was butthurt, I wouldn't still be modding).
-Put Malta pops back to historical levels.
-Moved the capital of Algeria back to Algiers.
-New flags for Tsarist Russia.
-Changed the monarchy and republic flags for the Knights.
-Fixed the Pink Map decision for Britain.
-New event chain concerning Greek Independence effecting the Ottomans and many European Great Powers.
-Ottomans now will suffer military disadvantages until they reform their military via a decision.
-The Tanzimat Reforms now do much more, making many cultures accepted and radicalizing the populace one way or another.
-During the Russian Civil War, Ottomans can use the chance to strike into Crimea in the hopes of recreating the Crimean Khanate and gaining their old lands back.
-After looking at the history of the 1815 Serbian rebellion, I have made Serbia a satellite of the Kebab instead of giving them independence.
-Italy can now be formed as Napoleonic Italy.
-The rewards for forming Israel have been increased significantly. The Ottomans can no longer form Israel.
-Fixed the problem that was making the Russian Civil War only fire 50% of the time.
-An underage b& made me some terrible Naples events and decisions, which I spent hours editing before deleting three and making one presentable and inserting it into the game. Thanks, underage b&!
-Kebab can now directly annex Hedjaz, Egypt, Algiers, or Tunis if it has machine guns and if the nation in question is not civilized and in the sphere of the Ottoman Empire.
-There is now a minor Arab Revolt event chain for the Ottomans late-game.
-Thanks to a cool anon who helps me a lot, there's now an option to negotiate as the British Empire with the French over the status of their former colonies in the Atlantic.
-If Austria/Danube Confed is NOT a Great Power, their cores will be necessary to form the German Empire. If is IS a Great Power, those cores are not needed.
-If Austria/Danube Confed is NOT a Great Power, their cores will be necessary to form the South German Federation. If is IS a Great Power, those cores are not needed.
-Italian Irredenta now adds a core on Malta and Corsica.
-If you own the Congo, the Congo Conference is now much more likely to give the Congo Free State to you.
-Ritsubro has been a huge help in modding for this, so thank you very much, Ritsubro.

v0.19 - July 26, 2012

-Uruguay now starts as annexed by the United Kingdom (thanks to the BR who let me know about this).
-Portugal is now a separate nation from the U.K., reflecting the Portuguese separatists who resented the U.K.
-Native Confederation now starts with a flag that doesn't look like Cthulhu.
-If a Fascist Party or Communist Party is in charge, it is now possible that a coup will happen and the government will change to Fascist/Proletarian Dictatorship.
-Russia will now only inherit TSA after the Civil War just once. NOW it is fixed forever.
-A lot of Ottoman lands in the Middle East are now colonial provinces.
-Changed the name of the United Kingdom to Reindo Unido because you fags couldn't deal with it.
-More flags thanks to the same bro.
-Killed all non-natives in the Native Confed.
-If The Imperial Federation is formed, then the British Union will either be forced to lose all claims on Canada or gain 5 infamy.
-Chile can get a modifier giving a bonus to its military power in the 1880s if they have good relations with Prussia.
-Haiti can now pay off France and possibly get them to abandon their cores there, thanks to Ritsubro.
-The Reino Unido will now suffer a few events that increase tensions between BR and PR, though no Civil War.
-Thanks the Ritsubro, and no thanks the Elinciabro, there is now an awesome event chain between the RU and the British Empire concerning the Pink Map of Southern Africa.
-Added a rather large Easter Egg.

v0.18 - July 22, 2012

-If Russian Civil War is avoided entirely, Tsarist Russia will lose all cores and Tsarist Thoughts will stop.
-Fixed the problem that made Tsarist Russia continuously lose its cores.
-France no longer has cores on Dutch provinces.
-Added the first Great Goal to the game: if the Dutch regain all of their European cores, they can move their capital to Holland and gain 300 prestige.
-Forming Germany is now a Great Goal, and will award 300 prestige.
-Delaware and West Virginia no longer have slaves.
-South Carolina, Georgia, Utah, and Nevada are all separate regions now.
-Added some cool new flags for Federation of the Rhine and other states thanks to a cool bro.
-Madras is no longer colonial.
-Made it so that the liberal events at the start of the game also increase nationalism (Thanks to the guy who did this for me!).
-Austria now suffers from greater non-core pop militancy/consciousness, which will only go away if they either form the Danube Confed. or the South German Fed.
-Israel no longer has the ability to form the Federation of the Rhine.
-Brazil and Portugal are now reunited, as the lack of a British presence in Portugal prevented the revolutionaries from rising up as they did and demanding Brazil's return to colonial status. As a result, the historical United Kingdom of Portugal, Brazil, and the Algarves exist. Some of Brazil is now colonial.
-I think I can safely say the Russian Civil War is finally fixed, and can put it behind me.
-The British Empire no longer becomes the Imperial Federation if it goes democratic. Instead, a democratic or HM government Empire can form the Imperial Federation with the right tech and prestige.
-The US Civil War will now start sometime in the 1870s and can probably be avoided altogether by a smart player (so not you).

v0.17 - July 20, 2012

-The British Union can now absorb the British Empire if the Empire embraces democracy or presidential dictatorship and if the Empire has an average militancy of 8. In turn, the Empire can absorb the Union if the Union embraces any form of monarchy and has an average militancy of 8.
-Russian Civil War has been revised, probably for the last time. If the AI makes a white peace (Fuck you Paradox), then Russia automatically inherits Tsarist Russia. The 50 WE thing has been removed.
-Abolishing serfdom in Russia now really pisses off Aristocrats.
-Gran Columbia has been removed from the game because it's fucking stupid to think those countries ever would unify again.
-Fixed the problem that made it so Great War goals cost 0 Warscore.
-Added some cool events for the Dutch Republic and made sure that they were a Presidential Dictatorship.
-The Boer Republics are now democracies.
-The U.S. no longer has any work hours limit at the start of the game (Swedes in charge of knowing anything about the history of the world's only superpower).
-Flemish is no longer an accepted Dutch culture.

v0.161 - July 19, 2012

-Russian Civil War has been rebalanced. Further, if either sides reaches 50 war exhaustion, they are automatically annexed by the other side. This should make it very unlikely to result in a white peace.
-Norwegian is no longer an accepted culture in Sweden.

v0.16 - July 18, 2012

-Russia now suffers from events increasing reactionaries as a threat in the early game.
-Hedjaz is now a satellite of Egypt.
-Jan Mayen is no longer required to form Scandinavia.
-Danzig now starts in Prussia's sphere.
-Please don't hate me, but I added the Knights of St. John to the game. After the Peace Treaty of 1824, the French and the British both agreed Malta was too important of a port to be left to either of them, so they agreed to give it to the Knights, who had the most legitimate claim for a neutral party.
-French now have a modifier that makes non-accepted pops more militant and conscious.
-Poland-Lithuania has lost most of its Russian cores, because Paradox was really fucking high when they gave it cores all the way to fucking Moscow.
-Texas now starts with a Status Quo CB in its war with Mexico.
-A Russian Civil War has been added to the game.

v0.151 - July 16, 2012

-North and South German confederations no longer require French lands to form.
-Protectionism and Free Trade now actually matter: Protectionism forces you to have a minimum 5% tariff, while Free Trade forces your tariffs to be 0%. That's right, the ridiculously ahistorical idea of subsidizing imports is now impossible.
-Changed the forming of the Federation of the Rhine to make it merely one decision.
-Pops' preferences for Free trade vs. Protectionism have been modified.

v0.15 - 100 MB - July 14, 2012

-Orissa, Mysore, Travanacore, and Burma no longer have colonial provinces.
-Hungarian prestige has been lowered and Austrian has been raised.
-The Confederation of the Rhine states are properly allied with each other now.
-Austria can now form the South German confederation and join it so long as it is not the Danubian Confederation. Further, forming the SGF requires Austrian cores.
-Forming the SGF no longer requires any provinces outside of the South German lands.
-If I did it right, any state in the Confederation of the Rhine can now form the Federation of the Rhine, much like the North/South German Confederations.
-The German Empire now has a few more cores in German-heavy regions to better reflect the Pan-German nature it would take in a world where Austria has been greatly weakened.
-A few more regions have been added, as it was necessary to form the extremely complex event of creating the Confederation of the Rhine without letting it be released.
-A few more Germanic nations have been added to the German areas under French control.
-Austria-Bohemia-Hungary-Germany-Bulgaria-Netherlands-Belgium-France-Switzerland-Italy-British Union-Imperial Britain-Egypt-Australia-Austria-Hungary-Spain-Kebab-Portugal-Serbia-Romania-Ottoman Empire-Turkey-Bosnia-Yugoslavia-Germania-Deutschland-Spain-Nationalist Spain-Iraq-Turkey-Austria Hungary-Bohemia-Republican Spain-Germany-Bosnia-Byzantine Empire has been added to the game.
-Nationalists have been made to rebel more frequently.

v0.14 - 100 MB - July 11, 2012

-Fixed the Napoleonic Italy OoB.
-Removed Austria-Bohemia from the game due to negative response (you j-jerks). Instead, you can now form the Danube Confederation, a combination of multiple Slavic peoples and the South Germans.
-Changes have been made to the American political parties to better reflect historical accuracy: The Reactionary Party is now the Federalist Party; Until 1912, Democrats will support Laissez-Faire. After 1912, they will support Interventionism. They will also jump from Jingoism to Pro-military.;Until 1912, liberal parties will support Interventionism. After 1912, they will support Laissez-faire. They will also jump from Pro-military to Anti-military.
-Still trying to get the Civil War to start later. If you're smart, you can get it to delay to at least 1869. Will work more on this.

v0.13 - 100 MB - July 10, 2012

-Gave the Hungarians a general.
-Austro-Hungary can no longer form, being replaced by Austro-Bohemia.
-Algeria, Tunis, and Egypt are now in the Ottoman sphere.
-Nationalist movement events have been made more frequent.
-Rewrote the scenario description.
-The American Civil War will not happen until a 51% liberal majority is reached or if slavery is outlawed. The Dred Scott and John Brown events will not fire as easily. American farmers are now less likely to support abolishing slavery and more likely to favor allowing it.
-The Slavery Debate will now last until around 1900.
-Rangoon is no longer a colonial state.
-French pops from Algiers have been removed.
-Dutch Republic now has cores on Java.
-The French Population Decline has been lessened from 10% to 6.66% to reflect only the French pops.

v0.12 - 100 MB - July 9, 2012

-Fixed the PLC cores, again
-Northern Algeria is no longer colonial
-Fixed the Egyptian OoB
-Fixed the Austrian OoB
-Fixed the Afghanistan OoB
-Norwegian is now an accepted culture for Denmark
-Illyria now owns Zagreb.
-Raigarh is no longer a colonial province.
-Cultural unions are no longer possible in the U.S.
-New England now has its cores in order.
-British Empire now has less of a presence in India.
-American Civil War should now start later (I'm uncertain of exactly when, so please let me know when it starts in your games, especially if you play as the US).
-Austria now starts at war with Hungary and Ottomans.
-Illyria's Primary culture is now Slovene.
-Slavonia now belongs to Austria
-Illyria now has a military.
-Nitra now belongs to Austria
-Roznava now belongs to Hungary.
-Hungary now has a Conservative Party.

v0.11 - 100 MB - July 8, 2012

-Fixed the missing PLC cores.
-Changed the flag of the British Union to differentiate it from the British Empire.
-Switzerland is now in France's sphere, Illyria's is now in Austria's.
-Illyria now has a cool new flag.
-Illyria is now a separate nation from Yugoslavia.
-Hungary now exists, having revolted from the Austrian Empire.
-Persia now has the Herat province.
-Fixed the mystery of the Mughal military.
-The scenario now has a unique description.
-The British Empire will now be known as "The Imperial Federation" if it becomes a Republic.
-Cool new flags if Native Confederation goes fascist or commie, thanks to a gsg bro.
-France now owns the Sitten province.

v0.10 - 110 MB - July 7, 2012

-Island of Jan Mayen made uncolonized.
-British Empire and USA start with a few states already colonized to fix up the situation in the Northwest USA.
-Nationalism increased.

Not made to be compatible with any mods at the moment, so use others at your own risk.

Since this is purely a Map version, you're going to get a lot of events/decisions that don't make sense (such as hearing about Napoleon III in Switzerland if you play as France).

Feel free to post any feedback you have about what can be improved or suggestions about what to do next in the General Thread. I'm trying to keep this both fun and historical, so no "Serbia should have taken over the Ottoman Empire because Napoopan loved stronk Slavs."

Mod , yapan kişinin Napolyon kazansaydı Dünya nasıl olurdu fikrini moda yansıtmasıdır.

Link : http://www.mediafire.com/download/7okonxk8qoypnp6/Napoleons+Legacy+v0.221+Fixed.7z
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