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Kaiserreich 0.6
« : 03 Haziran 2016, 19:31:18 »

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Why Kaiserreich?

Victoria II: Kaiserreich. The mod itself, is inspired by the legendary Kaiserreich for Darkest Hour: A Hearts of Iron Game and seeks to play on that mod, but begin telling the 'alternate history' from 1921 rather than 1936.
Kaiserreich Features:

    Extended timeline 1921 - 2000
    New units, including many new and unique sprites to go with them
    Win the space race - get the first man on the moon!
    Revamped technology tree to fit the era
    Many new nations, some historical, some fun formable nations for the player to pursure
    New factories and goods
    New resources
    Hundreds of new unique events and decisions to retell history like never before
    New wargoals and infamy changes, making the game more fast paced and interesting
    New general unique events and decisions that add to overall gameplay in Victoria II
    Unique nation-authentic music and the return of Paradox's most famous tracks for general music (Over 1 hour of new music time!)

Do you need help?

    Currently the modding 'team' consists of me doing everything
    I cannot hope to 100% bugtest the new content that I implement to the game - if you encounter a problem report it here or on the paradox forums, if it is game breaking, I wil do my best to fix it - I ask for your patience!
    I am self taught and far from an expert scripter, helping me out when I need it or major problems arise that I can't resolve would really mean a lot towards development!
    I don't need any 'full time' help per-say but passive help as mentioned above is very appreciated and worthy of mention in the game should you so desire

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    Join today!

1921 - 2000 arasını konu alır. Almanyanın 1. dünya savaşını kazandığı alternatif senaryodur.

Detaylar : http://www.moddb.com/mods/victoria-ii-kaiserreich

Resimler : http://www.moddb.com/mods/victoria-ii-kaiserreich/images

İndirmek için : http://www.moddb.com/mods/victoria-ii-kaiserreich/downloads/victoria-ii-kaiserreich-v-06

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