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Concert of Europe V0.5
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Concert of Europe is a mod for Victoria 2 Heart of Darkness version 3.04. It sets the start date to 1815-11-20, with historical nations and borders. Furthermore it includes dozens of new nations as well as major and minor changes to everything ranging from pop migration to treaties between nations!

Known Bugs/missing things:
Most new events/decisions does not have any descriptions
Many flags are wrong (Bengal uses Bangladesh flag for example)
No 1836 and 1861 start dates (I'm not planning on adding these at the moment)
Some of the vanilla events and decisions have not been updated for the new start date
The mod uses the 1836 population
No other localisations than English

Start Dates:
New start date: 1815-11-20

Casus Belli:
Free people CB removes cores (same as liberate country)
You can now use free people and liberate country for your own land (to take your cores and remove their cores)
CBs now lasts for 36 months instead of 12 months
Can take a capital region if it is a core of yours or if the country is uncivilised
Can only fabricate a CB on land that is next to yours or is coastal (and you have coastal lands). You can however take any land that
you have occupied during the war
Pacifist nations can no longer use CBs
Dismantle forts CB no longer gives any infamy

Assimilation and Migration:
Cultures with no cores have a smaller chance of assimilating (Native Americans for example)
Different religions have a smaller chance of assimilating
Fewer pops move to inhospitable lands (before this change Nunavut was just as appealing as Southern Ontario for some reason)
Pops now migrate to countries with the same culture (i.e. some pops migrate to their homeland instead of them all going to the
Having high infamy will now result in less immigration

Combined north and south German
Combined north and south Italian
Combined Beifaren and Nanfaren
Split Swiss into German, French and Italian
Added Australian, Breton, Karelian, Assyrian, Galician, Circassian, Abkhaz, Vainakh, Dagestani and Ossetian cultures
Edited culture groups (Wallonian is now in the French culture group for example)

Events & Decisions:
Added decisions for forming the British Dominions (if they are not released before)
Added events and decisions for the German Confederation
Decision to change primary culture of Australia, New Zealand, Columbia, South Africa, New England, Quebec and Canada to your primary
culture (if you control them)
Independence wars/treaties (Belgium, Texas, Greek, Latin America, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Norway)

All nations can gain cores on land that is of their primary culture and is next to one of their core provinces
Great powers can gain cores on any land that is next to one of their core provinces
Removed cores of all union nations (except Germany as it now represents the German Confederation). They can all still be formed though!

Anglo-American Convention (1818)
Adams-Onís Treaty (1819)
Singapore Treaty (1819)
Trucial States Treaty (1820)
Anglo-Dutch Treaty (1824)
Russo-American Treaty (1824)
Anglo-Russian Convention (1825)
Treaty of Constantinople (1832)
Treaty of London (1839)
Treaty of Waitangi (1840)
Webster-Ashburn Treaty (1842)
Oregon Treaty (1846)
Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo (1848)
Anglo-Danish Treaty (1850)
Flores Purchase (1854)
Treaty of Shimoda (1855)
Convention of Peking (1860)
Treaty of Turin (1860)
Treaty of London (1864)
Alaska Cession (1867)
Anglo-Dutch Gold Coast Treaty (1867)
Treaty of Saint Petersburg (1875)
Boundary Treaty between Argentina and Chile (1881)
Heligoland–Zanzibar Treaty (1890)
German-Spanish Treaty of (1899)
Treaty of Petrópolis (1903)
Anglo-Siamese Treaty (1909)
Treaty of the Danish West Indies (1917)

Technology and Inventions:
Changed technology to fit the new start date

The scramble for Africa now starts with the Berlin Conference. An event which has a chance of firing after 1880.

Provinces and Regions:
Reworked many regions to better represent historical borders
Some provinces has been changed (Singapore now an island for example)
Liferating no longer gives population growth under 35. The pop growth is instead moved to the civilisation level of the country
Some provinces has been added (Saint Barths for example)

Other tweaks:
Protectorates and colonies now give a lot less soldiers (it never made sense that Great Britain could have an army of 90% Indians)
Attract immigrants focus is 200% instead of 20%
Party loyalty focus is 1% instead of 0.1%

New Nations:
Ahom, Alsace, Ankole, Arochukwu, Ashanti, Aussa, Bahawalpur, Bahrain, Bamana, Banjar, Basutoland, Bengal, Benin, Bone, Bornu, Brittany, Buganda, Bunyoro, Carnatic, Champasak, Circassia, Corsica, Dagestan, Dahomey, Damagaram, Darfur, Dendi, Don Cossacks, Futa Jallon, Futa Toro, Galicia, Geledi, Gyaaman, Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen, Jabal Shammar, Jambi, Jolof, Kaabu, Kaffa, Kandy, Karelia, Kazakh, Kazembe, Kong, Kongo, Kurdistan, Kutai, Kuwait, Lanfang, Loango, Luba, Lunda, Majeerteen, Malta, Maratha Confederacy, Medri Bahri, Mossi, Oyo, Patagonia, Ragusa, Sennar, Siak, Sulu, Swaziland, Syria, Wadai, Warsangali, Xhosa

Benimde yaptığım gibi , Tarihsel bir geliştirme modu.

Link : http://www.moddb.com/mods/concert-of-europe/downloads/concert-of-europe
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