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Hadi ya.İzlenimlerini buraya aktarırısın tbrk*
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Ekonomi güzel olmuştu 3. yılıma girmiştim Türkiye ile fakat yeniden attı. Parayı kırıyordum. :(

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Diplomatik teklifler arttırılmış.Müttefiklerden bolca reseve birlik öneriliyor. ;)
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Selanikli 7-2-73 çıkmış koy onuda istersen.

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O daha çok uyumluluk problemi yaşayanlar için. ;)
Yarın onu da koyarım tbrk*
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Bende 7.01 var,en son güncelleştirmeyi indiriyorum nothing to update diyor.

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Sırasıyla hepsini indirmen gerekiyor!

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Ünleme gerek yok sevcili kardeşim.

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Update 3 (Version 7.3.1) will be available for download soon.

Update 3 contains all previous updates.


- The BIGGEST list of fixes/changes we've ever posted!
- Game Speed greatly improved
- New screens for Income/Expenses improves understanding of where the money goes and comes from
- Espionage working much better and used by AI regions
- Ability to liberate colonies
- Major economy overhaul
- AI regions much more capable of long term country management and growth

Detailed Change Log:

- Income and Expense reports in Treasury completely redesigned
--- Income and Expense totals shown per department
--- Spending shortfalls only shown when shortfalls exist
- Scorecard shows flag for “region is target of destabilization”
--- Header will sort to find regions the player is targeting
- 25 more leaders faces (all leaders into the ‘80s)
- Map Fixes
--- BattleZones touched up
--- Balance reviewed based on engine changes
--- Various fixes
- Tech Tree updated
- Equipment File updated
- Orbat fixes
- Updates to events
- Unit Trade - default to "trade where located";
---Scenario lobby option “Diplomatic Merchant Marine”, off turn will “magic transport”.
- Regions more likely to trade goods
- Allies will offer money more often (but less money)
- Approval negative effects minimized for players "in sphere"
- Military upgrade maintenance costs reduced / inflation adjustments
- Colonies auto-send their surplus to their parents daily (no cost / no trade)
- Colonies will max production, and not sell to market (send to parent instead)
- Fixed issue with certain minister priorities - rewrote internal priority handling
- Fixed garrison reduction issues (will still take time, though)
- GUI Crash bug resolved
- Naval "AI Request" message flood bug resolved (memory "leak")
- Adjusted use of interception-AI requests for stationary units
- Liberate Colony added for Single Player
- Neutral Exit flag inherited by merchant marine
- New Consumer demand formulas - more GDP tie-in; Roads/Rails for fuel use
- Start of game world GDP calculation fixed
- Power no longer stocked over multiple days
- Improved AI / Minister handling of Social Spending, Research spending
- Start of game world GDP calculation fixed again
- Adjustments to social spending when no money (AI/Minister)
- Colonies will slash research spending unless they are rich
- Exit Rule bugs fixed - units on 'neutral exit' will not get shot at; will use ports
- Fixes to trade w/o transit issues
- Air Patrol / Fuel bug fixed
- Tax / GDP Formula bug fixed
- Sphere changes when declaring war on other sphere member adjusted
- Handling of colonies of defeated player fixed in MP
- GUI items; handling of 'excluded flag' by AI updated
- Supply contribution of port is now based on largest value instead of prior order
- Fix bug in reduction-of-supply calculations
- Fixed Relationship change issues when liberating region
- Garrisons are eliminated when land changes hands
- AI war declarations on same "leaning" sphere increasingly possible
-State department Region Select now with Theatre headers
- Reserve and Production facility select now with Theatre headers
- Adjusted quick-exit path (Window X or alt-F4) to try to prevent exit-crash
- Fixed cache creation, memory bugs
- Aircraft landed on carrier units will no longer be shot at if sea but no land transit
- Diplo trade of units from base locked in colony should hopefully work
- Minister will no longer recommend research that is already in queue
- More on parent/colony exit rule fixes
- Fixed some goods reporting: diplo trades now show up in 'trades' total (but only quantity, not dollar value)
- Fuel/Ammo given to transit units w/o regional supply now reported in demand/use
- Adjusted save write buffer size for large unit counts (should resolve 1K save crash)
- Optimization - reduce RAM use
- Optimization - reduce savegame size
- More error checks in code
- AI unit scrap code will reduce more types of leg infantry, incl cavalry
- AI players will no longer send units to support a colony request (but may still respond to calls for assistance from parent units)
- on-map graphic events no longer queued when game is minimized
- More Merchant Marine fixes
- AI Merchant Marine that are completely lost will auto-scrap
- Performance adjustments:
--- Units unable to sea transp to base will not try repeatedly
--- Resupply is no longer done per slice; up to 120 slices at once if idle
--- Units retreating to safe areas no longer need to go back to a base
--- Reduced occurrence of "traffic jams" due to stack size pause & allies in the way
--- findclosestbase routine improved to use seed pathing to check if reachable
--- Possible issues with Resupply rate of in-reserve units fixed (minor)
- New Consumer demand formulas - more GDP tie-in; Roads/Rails for fuel use
- Oil prices for high GPD adjusted (Modern World mod) and should behave better
- Pathing improved
- Less idle units over long term
- Better AI control of defcon & buildup
- Minister will reduce preparedness/alert level properly once wars are over
- More N Korea and N Vietnam balance adjustments (allies can still disrupt balance)
- Commodity markets improved
- Economies for long term games improved
- Map changes for Suez and Panama. These canal colonies set for international transit.
- Spies work in games without Fog of War
- Naval invasion preparations now cancelled when enemies all die
- Long-idle units return to reserve more often (including air and naval and leg)
- More tests and fallbacks to prevent clone unit bug
- More use of AI Assistance requests when units destroyed
- More use of Naval AI Assistance requests
- AI war declaration consideration of 'allied with superpower' now considers colonies too
- Formula that ties demand to GDP adjusted
- Fixed Bug with DAR calculation based on domestic prices
- Improved formula for calculation of production cost related to gdp
- Adjusting social spending thresholds for minister
- DAR hit for high domestic prices is increased
- wmrelrate increases over time (affects some facility/tech cost formulas)
- wmbasegdpc increases with world inflation (affects formuals)
- wm base cost of resources increases with world inflation
- socialdefault baselines increase over time
- Regional cost of resource production affect by world pricing
- Increased facility maintenance costs calculations
- Parents now provide more support to colonies in need
- Social costs increased esp for higher levels of quality & richer nations
- Rich nations expect higher social values
- AIParameters updated (ver 7.2.59)
- Fixed accounting for dead spy in mission numbers
- Implemented AI use of Spy Recon, Spy Espionage, Spy sabotage
- Adjustments to Espionage & Counter-intelligence code
- Fixes to spy hap reporting / counts; Fixed spy gui issues
- Spies and no-move units no longer call for resupply
- Excluded units are no longer auto-built by minister
- Favorited units get some extra preference by minister
- Added default values to Minister specs when not set in People DB
- Improvements to Minister tax rate set
- Minister social spending fixes
- Minister domestic pricing fixes
- Improvements to minister alert/preparedness spending decisions
- Economic adjustments / Minister control
- Ministers will build facilities in compatible cities (not just industrial complexes)
- Ministers will not automatically reduce garrisons when told to reduce spending
- Fixed issue where AI rulers may not finish their work before end of day
- Adjusted tax income in large-population regions
- forcesplan region CVP setting better used by AI ruler
- Sphere Change email only sent if sphere victory condition is set
- Human player global unit initiatives new defaults set to low/high/low at start
- Theatre transfer by Merchant Marine is only done if distance > 200 hex - otherwise normal pathing is tried
- Colonies no longer directly make AI Requests for parent units
- Regions will no longer merch marine as much to low-priority colony requests
- Regions will not respond to out-of-theatre ally/mutual def requests unless TH or BZ priority level is above default
- AI Rulers Air unit buildup and other adjustments
- Air units will give up trying to reach unreachable destinations
- Fixed bug where some circling air units would not try to return for fuel
- Some optimization of air return to base code
- Improvements to AI request for assistance by colony, ally, mutual defense, etc
- Migration to Direct X9 - Win98/ME legacy attempts abandoned.
- Graphic code optimizations
- Relationship changes on liberating a colony fixed
- Unload command fixed to prevent improper unload on oceanic complex, bridges, etc (amphibious allowed)
- Factors involving civilian approval of different government types improved
- Support for more screen resolutions
- Alliance with player now provides mutual defense w/colony (for proxies). Does not apply to existing treaties in existing savegames.
- Priority of Research Recommendations lowered. Only seen if set to show lower priority messages.
- Garrisons not removed in low-priority zones if garrison lock set
- Order Selection / Branch Select glitch fixed
- Improved interest rate calculations, reduced maximum rate, fixed negative treasury prob
- Low threshold for military spending (minister/AI) reduced when deficit
- Maintenance costs for missiles and strategic pool reduced.
- Expense report / research expense glitch fixed
- Credit rating over-increase issue resolved
- Added new checks for destroyed units to prevent 'clone unit' bug
- Spy units 'remerge' on return to home base
- Spy units sent to impassable areas will return to base
- Fixed "last spy" sending
- Fix of idleunit flag for units with certain orders during top speed game
- Increased and improved randomness of spy capture with counter-intel
- Spy mission failed message not issued for recon or counter-intel missions
- Naval fuel use fixed to give correct travel range
- After Strategic Pool launch, units will attempt to return to reserve base/pool
- Adjustment to calculation of Family Subsidy social cost
- Minister handling of any single social cost that gets too expensive
- Fix issue where AI doesn't build facilities in some cases
- Fix regression error of over-building facilities; now also consider ind goods stock etc
- Make it more likely to build raw product facilities when demand is there
- Parents made more willing to give cash to struggling colonies
- Regions more likely to sell off military-resources if not at war
-Improved filter-out of sending spies when destination is 'red circle'
- Further Adjustments to AI build of facilities, prioritize raw materials
- Fixed bug where Resource lobby setting was not being applied properly
- Changed World Market handling of stocks at start and during shortages (gradual)
- Small colonies will be less likely to have everyone leave
- A colony forced to surrender if not at war will give its land to parent
- AI facility build list will now use Power-Coal instead of Power-Hydro
- Capped the World Market Strategic Reserve size for products
- Adjustments to creditrating code to prevent 'run away' increases
- Various other small fixes

Approximate Download Size 90 MB
İşte bu be!!
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Şimdi final patch mi bu ?

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Final derken Update 3'ün finali.
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Arkadaşlar son yamayı nasıl indiricez?

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İlk sayfada linki var.
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Sen bir harikasın dostum.  tbrk*
« Son Düzenleme: 23 Ocak 2013, 20:08:42 Gönderen: lawgiverkhan »

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Multiplayer sorunu çözülmüş mü beyler? Arkadaşlarıyla deneyen var mı?
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Yıldızlı olanlar sorunsuz çalışıyor.

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Son güncellemeyi indirsem yeter mi hepsini mi indirecem onu bi şettirseniz.

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Son güncelleme yeterli.
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Arkadaşlar son patchda hız nasıl olmuş ? ona göre oyunu indiricem


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Supreme ruler 2020 Gold multi Gameranger

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