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ROP - Beta AAR - Fredericus Rex (1758 Campaign)
« : 20 Şubat 2010, 09:26:46 »

As many of you have already read in this forum, Rise of Prussia (ROP) is the new
game from the french based studio AGEOD, now owned by Paradox Interactive.
The game is a historical strategy simulation that recreates the seven years of
warfare (1756-1763) that shook the continent of Europe in the 18th century.
The player can assume the role of military and political leaders in command of
land and naval forces belonging to either the Prussian Kingdom or nations
opposed to Prussia (Austria, Russia, France).
The engine uses a system of simultaneous turn resolution, so you can expect a
slightly different experience from the usual "Real Time" feel from games that are
released by Paradox, like Hearts of Iron or Europa Universalis.
The ROP game system will be familiar to veteran players of AGEOD’s previous titles
like Birth of America I and II (aka Wars in America) , American Civil War and
Napoleon's Campaign.... with some important improvements that we will dwell
when the right time comes...

After this brief introduction... we will get into the details of this wonderful game...

Devamı: http://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/showthread.php?p=10800468#post10800468
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