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Konular - Ecdad Computer

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Krallik Empire (Comic Sans Dahil.)

Forumumuzun kültleşmiş ülkelerinden biri olan Krallik Empire Ecdad Computer ve DarkHardware sponorluğunda 1 yıl aradan sonra tekrar sizlerle buluşuyor. Hedefimiz dünyayı fethetmek, Great Ilgazland'i kurmak, ve Greenpeace'yi dünyaya yaymak. İlk bölüm gelecektir.

HOI4 - Mod Geliştirme Atölyesi / Bayrak Modlama
« : 07 Haziran 2016, 08:38:29 »
Her bayrak değiştirdiğimde siyah olarak gözüküyor. Neden acaba böyle? Small ve Medium'u da değiştiriyorum ama olmuyor. Bunun bir sebebi var mı? EU4'te rahatça değiştiriyorduk.

Adana Universalis


Workshop Link

İndirme Link

* Adana Merkez Müzik
* Adana Merkez Ülkesi (Kekoistan)
* Kekoların anadil hakkı
* Adana Merkez bayrağı

* Yüklenme Ekranları
* Eventler
* Keko Fikirleri

Yazılacak hikayeleri bekliyoruz.

Alıntı yapılan: Yakışıklı Johan Hocamız
Hello and Welcome to the 26th Development Diary for Hearts of Iron IV. This time we’ll delve into details about the navy.

Ship Research
First of all, we have the naval research tree, where you research upgraded ship types through the years, as well as transport technologies. Of course, everything from submarines to carriers is researched here.

As we mentioned in the 8th development diary, the experience you gain from naval combats can be used to customise variants of various ships, so if you want to increase the guns on your Schlachtschiff H44, then that is possible.

Naval Doctrines
Secondly, we have the naval doctrines. There are three separate doctrine trees, and you can only have one researched at a time.

Fleet in Being
A strong fleet focused around battleships means that we are a force to be reckoned with when deployed at sea. This is the doctrine used by Italy, France & Great Britain.

Trade Interdiction
Against a stronger naval opponent we can focus on tying up their fleet and destroying supply lines to starve their war machine. This is the doctrine used by Germany.

Base Strike
With a strong focus on carriers and their support no enemy will be outside our reach. Neither at land or at sea. This is the doctrine used by USA & Japan.

Naval Missions
Dev Diary 15 covered this, but I’ll just repeat the details about the mission system here again. Now that Invasion is no longer a naval mission, but a battleplanner command, I’ll iterate the four special missions for navies again.

Patrol - This will spread out the fleet to increase chances of catching hostile fleets, but it is a high risk of the fleet not all being present for an engagement. This is something you’d use to catch a single german battleship trying to create havoc.

Search & Destroy - This does not spread out the fleet over the region, keeping it intact to be an efficient fighting group when engaging an hostile fleet. Main battlefleet trying to catch another fleet.

Convoy Raiding - Will attempt avoid engagements with other fleets, and just focus on sinking enemy convoys.

Convoy Escort - Will not engage hostile fleets, but will be very likely to be protecting convoys in the region when attacked.

Automatic Repairs
With a mission system, you need some sort of automation of fleet repairs. There is now a system where you can set fleets on settings on WHEN to return to port, ie, after how heavy damage from never to “mild”. You can also give direct order to go to port and repair and automatically go back when needed. There is also a final option, that the fleet is allowed to split off damaged ships that can be sent to repairs when the rest of the fleet continues its mission.

Next week we'll take a look at İtalya


Hello everyone and welcome back to yet another development diary for Europa Universalis 4. Today we'll be talking about a few more free goodies that will be coming in the 1.14 patch.

Ironman and Achievements Rework
A much requested feature since the release of EU4 has been the ability to use Ironman along with mods, which hasn't been generally possible due to the fact that Ironman acted as a test for whether you were playing an unmodified game, and thus whether you could get achievements. In 1.14 we've reworked this so that achievements and ironman have been decoupled, and playing ironman is always possible regardless of what mods you might be running. Ironman will still be required for achievements, and you'll still only get achievements if you are playing an unmodified game. To make the way ironman works a bit clearer, we've also reworked the interface so that instead of checking an 'Ironman' box before starting your game, you are now presented with the choice of playing Ironman when you click the 'Play' button for a new game. Clicking 'Play' will pop up a window that asks you whether you want to play Ironman or not, and explains the difference between Ironman and not-Ironman. It will also show you whether your game qualifies for achievements, and if not, why not. We're also planning to add an achievements browser in-game that lets you see which achievements you qualify for in the particular game you are playing, and what trigger conditions you need to satisfy to unlock them. No more wiki-browsing and guesswork required!

Capital Development Discount
A criticism of the new Development system we've heard quite often from players is that development ends up unrealistic, with the richest provinces in the world being wherever a one-province state happens to reside, as said state can spend a great number of points improving its one province, while the capitals of great empires end up as backwaters due to their need to spread out their points over said empire. We do not entirely consider this to be a problem, as the very purpose of the development feature is to let states grow in power, but agree that the importance of cities such as Paris and Constantinople should be recognized. As such, we've reworked the development cost reduction for your capital province. Instead of being a flat -10%, it is now based on your country's total development, reducing costs by 5% per 100 total development down to a max of -50%. To prevent this from resulting in players moving their capital around to each province they're developing in turn, we've also made it so that the cost for moving your capital increases the more total development your country has, up to a maximum cost of 700 admin points. We're also looking at ways to address the situation where for example, Scotland ends up exiled on the Shetland Isles and turns them into an implausible sprawling metropolis, so stay tuned.

In EU4, a common problem for countries is ending up in a negative cycle, or 'death spiral'. What we mean by this is that a country gets attacked, has its armies wiped out and loses territory. Afterwards, it takes them a long time to regaintheir manpower and armies, during which neighbours will pounce or rebels rise up, and they never quite recover. As a way to try and address this and give countries a chance to rebound, we've introduced a mechanic we call 'Revanchism'. Revanchism goes from 0-100%, and is gained when a country is defeated in war and stripped of territory, with the amount of revanchism depending on how much was lost. Revanchism increases tax income, fort defense, manpower recovery speed and morale substantially, and lowers unrest and loan interest rates. It ticks down over time, with 100% revanchism (gained from a 100% warscore peace) taking 20 years to be fully lost.

That's all for today. Next week we'll be talking about the Steppes and the Nomads that inhabit them.


Yıl 1442, Anadoluda Eziyet çeken çilekeşler Birleşip Arabesk adında bir tarikat kurdular. Sonrasında 1443 yazında Osmanlıya isyan ederek kendi devletlerini kurdular. Devletin başına Tarikat başkanı Müslüm Gürses geçti. O ölünce de yerine Tarikat başkan yardımcısı Ümit Besen Geçecekti.

Not: Hiçbir kimse ile Dalga, Hakaret amacı taşımamaktadır.


* Saveyi alan 2 gün içinde Başlamak Zorundadır
* Başlayan kişi ise de 3 gün içinde bölüm yayınlamak zorundadır
* Saveyi alan 2 gün içinde yayınlamalıdır
* Hikayeyi Sabote etmek yasaktır!

Bunları yapmayan ATILIR!

Öneriler (Yapmak zorunlu değil ama Yapsanız iyi olur)

* Lütfen Rol Yaparak oynayın. (Bir Arabesk Yıldızı gibi)
* Lidere Sultan yerine (Hükümdar_adı) Baba diye hitap edin
*JPG/JPEG  olarak Yükleyin resimleri.
* Düzgün bir Üslup kullanın

Liderler Listesi

* Müslüm Baba - Keyser


Hello and welcome to another development diary for EU4. Today we'll be talking about some changes to regions and map graphics that is coming in the 1.14 patch.

Areas and Regions
As anyone who has ever tried to use the region mapmode can attest, the region system in EU4 has always been a bit of a mess. Regions overlap in a mess of conflicting naming and layout standards that can make it very hard to, for example, find out what exact provinces are counted as the 'Russian Region'.

To address the overlap, we've decided to split regions into Areas, Regions and Super Regions. Each province is part of an area, with areas generally being between 3-6 provinces in size, and usually around 50 development each. Areas, in turn, are part of a region (such as 'Russia' or 'Germany'), and regions are part of a super region (such as 'The Middle East' or 'China').

Each province can only be part of one area, each area can only be part of one region, and each region can only be part of one super region. This means that the region mapmode has been made far easier to use, and you'll be able to instantly tell what exactly makes up the Russia region and what is and isn't part of 'Germany'. An Area mapmode has also been added.

Regional Naming
As of right now, the main purpose of the new region system (besides usability) is graphical. In older PDS titles such as EU3 and Victoria 2, when your country owned provinces that were not connected to your capital, these provinces would display regional names such as 'British Africa' instead of just showing 'Great Britain'. However, the older systems were mostly based on continents and cores and were frequently nonsensiclal. 'Russian Ottoman Empire' was one particularly silly permutation.

As of 1.14, EU4 now also has regional naming, but with a far superior system that uses the areas, regions and super regions. All territory a country owns that is disconnected from its capital will now follow these naming rules:
One-province exclaves will no longer display any name at all, as many of these are tiny islands with tiny text that you need a zoom lens to make out.
Exclaves that are primarily part of the same region as the capital will display the country name (so if France is cut in two, both pieces will still display 'France' instead of 'French France').
Exclaves that are 2-4 provinces in size will display the country adjective followed by the Area name (For example, 'French Alexandria'). If the exclave is spread over several areas, the one with the most provinces is used.
Exclaves that are 5+ provinces in size and where one region makes up at least half the provinces will display the country adjective followed by the Region name (For example, 'French Egypt'). If the exclave is spread over several regions, the one with the most provinces is used.
Exclaves that are so large that no single region makes up at least half the provinces in the exclave will use the super region name (For example 'French Middle East'). If the exclave is spread over several super regions, the one with the most provinces is used.

In this screenshot, you can see examples of all three forms of regional naming (Aztec Sicily, Aztec Britain and Aztec Europe):

Eu3'teki özelliklerin bazıları geri dönüyor.

Europa Universalis IV / Bu Kardeşinize Destek Çıkın
« : 11 Eylül 2015, 00:40:58 »
Artık Hilesiz EU4'e başlamaya karar verdim. Oyunu hilesiz öğrenmek için Osmanlı ile başladım. Önerileriniz nelerdir? Orduyu nasıl hazırlamalıyım? Kimlerle Müttefik olmalıyım?


Europa Universalis IV / Workshopdan Addon Yüklemiyor.
« : 08 Eylül 2015, 13:09:43 »
Evet Sorunum bu. Addonu yüklüyor fakat Ne oyun dosyalarında oluyor ne de Oyunun içinde. Çözümü nedir?

Victoria II / Oyunda Bilgisayar Kapanıyor.
« : 15 Ağustos 2015, 14:10:22 »
Bu oyunu her oynadığımda Bir anda PC Tak diye kapanıyor(Oyun İllegal yollardan edinilmiştir.). Fakat Eu4, Tf2, Mowas2, Hoi3,H&G gibi daha ağır oyunlarda pc kapanmıyor. Bunun çözümü nedir.

Sistem özellikleri ise:

Ram: 8Gb DDR3 Ram
İşlemci: i7 2670QM 2.20Ghz
Ekran Kartı: Intel HD 3000 Graphics 803MB

Krallik Empire - Hile 1

O yıl Dedeağaç'ta yaşayan bir Rum soylusu olan Ilgaz isimli bir kişi yerde Geliştirilmiş Hile Konsolunu buldu ve üzerine create_customc yazdı ve kendi krallığını kurdu. İsmini ise Dedeağaç Yunancasında "Dünya Hakimiyeti" anlamına gelen "Krallik Empire" koydu. Ilgaz ayrıca Kendi hanedanlığını kurarak Bizans'ın başına geçti.

Krallik Empire baslangic.
                                    - I. Ilgaz Hilecios

Ilgaz bir anda yerde cheatengine.exe ve eu4.ct isimli iki şey buldu ve bunları birleştirince ortaya büyük bir hile çıktı.
Ve sonunda Ülkenin bütün teknoloji ve fikirlerini en üst seviyeye getirdi.

Kafasına göre düşman belirledi

Kendini Dinin koruyucusu ilan etti

Orduya El attı

Ve sonunda dünya hakimiyeti amacı için ilk Arnavutluğa savaş ilan etti

Savaş o kadar kısa sürmüştü ki, İllümünati ajanları daha olayı izlemeye gelemedi bile.

Ardından Osmanlıya saldırdı

Ve ilk Muharebede Osmanlıların ordusunu bertaraf etti

O sırada Moskoflar "Biz din kardeşiyiktir, yardım edin hao" diyerekten yardım istediler ve Ilgaz bunu kabul etti.

Bu sırada da Kendisi üstün Cheat Konsolu sayesinde İstanbul'u Süperşehir yaptı ve ismini de "Hileople" yaptı.

Bu Sırada diğer din kardeşleri ise olan Gürcüler ise yardım istiyordu. Kabul etti Ilgaz.

Ilgaz ise bütün düşmanlara boyun eğdirtmişti.

Altınorda ile yaptığı barış ile onların "Masum" demelerine sebep oldu.

QQ Ağlıyordu

Osmanlı ve Kırım'da Bize katılmıştı.

Ama bu savaşlar Ilgaz'ı tatmin etmiyordu. Sırada Karaman ve dosları vardı.

Ve QQ da bitmişti.

Ilgaz kimseye haber vermeden Trabzon, Gürcistan ve Çerkezzya'yı da fethetmişti.

O sırada Konsolu ile yemek yerken yanlışlıkla ona "ti" dedi ve bir anda bütün dünyayı keşfetti

Ve ilk işi "Küba Cuba"'ya koloni kurmak oldu

İsmini de "Koloni Colony" koydu.

1447 Raporları

Hile 1'in Sonu

Hearts Of Iron IV / Hearts of Iron IV - DD 17
« : 07 Temmuz 2015, 00:58:43 »
Alıntı yapılan:  Johan Hazretleri
Hello everyone and welcome back to the Hearts of Iron IV development diary series. Now that we are officially at approved alpha, and are now moving forward towards a beta milestone in the end of the year.

Last week we had an event in Old Windsor in England, where 20 different journalists and youtubers had a chance to play the game together with us. Their experiences can be seen in various articles, podcasts and videos that have been linked in the forums this week.

From our end, it was very scary in the weeks before it.
When we had originally committed to this event, the game was supposed to launch on June 6th, so we had been counting on having a fully finished game for them to play. But during the late autumn, and early winter we realised that this was not going to be the case, as I was not satisfied with the project, and we had to postpone alpha submissions to redo features that just didn’t cut it.

We still had the event scheduled, and when we reached the point of no return for planning, we had a late Q3 release in our minds, so it would work out like the EU4 multiplayer event.

Except we fell further behind…

Four weeks before the event everything with units and equipment was entirely in flux, the game crashed regularly, and the multiplayer went OOS pretty much instantly.

Not looking so stellar… and very much a big worry.

Except, when the going gets tough, the Hearts of Iron IV team kicks ASS!

The version we brought to the event had only a crash every 50 hours of playing, and we had not a single out of sync issue while playing multiplayer with 20 to 22 computers for two full days.

I am so proud of what we achieved so far, and the game we had, while still rough around the edges, was more playable and fun than HoI3 ever managed to become.

As you noticed from the articles from the event, we had changed some things the press had seen at PDXCon in January, and even more has changed since our original announcement. This is the nature of gamedevelopment, where you sometimes have to change things that do not work our well. Back in the old days, we never changed features, nor iterated on interfaces, and basically sold the game as soon as we had finished working on all things.
For Hearts of Iron 4, we are now reworking naval transportation, air management, & peace-resolution mechanics amongst other things we are not happy with. Of Course, we’re doing quite alot of balance and interface improvements.

Next week there will not be a development diary, as friday is the most holy of days of the year, as we celebrate Midsummer here in Sweden. Then as we are Swedes, we’ll have to spend a few weeks relaxing when the Sun is up for more than a few hours a day, or we go crazy and start building boats and go axe-murdering & pillaging our neighboring countries.

So we’ll have development diaries at the 26th of June, 3rd of July, and 14th of August, but after the 14th, we will have weekly development diaries until Christmas.

In the next development diary, we’ll be talking about how to design and build your armies.

And here is a screenshot of my glorious planned invasion of Da9l at QA’s Germany just now in this afternoons MP test.

15 divisions will advance north towards the Rhein, and cross it to take Frankfurt, while another 15 divisions of brave french soldiers will show elan as they sweep aside the teuton defenders on their way to take Stuttgart. After Stuttgart falls, they split into two pushes, one towards Nuremburg, and one towards Munich.

Bu oyunu arıyorum ama bulamıyorum, Nerede bulabilirim?

Multilater oynarken birlikleri alana koyamıyorum. Neden sizce?

Europa Universalis IV / DLC&Yama EUIV - Common Sense & Yama 1.12
« : 09 Nisan 2015, 16:07:18 »

Yeni eklenti paketi Din ve Yönetime Derinlik Katıyor.

Paradox, 9 Haziran'da Europe Universalis IV'e biraz Sağduyu(Common Sense) getiriyor.

STOKHOLM –  08 Mayıs, 2015 – Thomas Paine’in Common Sense adlı kitapçığı, Devrim Dönemi Amerikası'nın en çok satan kitapçığıydı. Paradox'un Common Sense'i, Paine'inkinin yaptığı gibi monarşinin kendini beğenmişliğini çökertmeyecek olabilir, ancak Europa Universalis'e oyuncuların ülkelerinin gelişmini kontrol edebilemelerini sağlayacak yeni araçlar ekleyeceği kesin. Odak noktası yönetme sanatı ve ulusal gelişim olan Common Sense, ülkenin iç yönetimine derinlik katacak ve diplomasiye önemli miktarda ve büyük boyutta yenilikler getirecek.

Common Sense ile birlikte gelen en büyük değişiklik ise yeni bölgesel gelişmişlik sistemi olacak. Bir vilayetteki inşa edilebilir bina miktarı artık söz konusu bölgenin yer şekillerine ve Gelişmişlik değerine bağlı olacak. Bir bölge ne kadar gelişmiş ise, o bölgeden o kadar çok zenginlik ve güç elde edebileceksiniz. Hükümdar puanları harcayarak ticari merkezlerinizi özelleştirebilecek ya da muazzam askere alım merkezleri ortaya çıkartabileceksiniz. Daha az sayıda ama daha etkili binalar ise artık inşa edeceğiniz şeyler konusunda verdiğiniz her kararın daha da önemli olacağı anlamına geliyor. Misal Champagne'de bir atölye inşa etmek istiyorsunuz ve elinizde bina inşa edilecek alan kalmamış. Bu durumda hangi binayı yıkacaksınız?

Bu tanıtım filmi, başka bir önemli özelliğin üstünden geçiyor: parlementer yönetim.
<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>

Diğer önemli özellikler arasında şunları sayabiliriz:
- Parlementolar: İngiliz Krallığı ve diğer anayasal hükümetler artık bu esnek sistemi kullanarak parlementodan yasalar geçirebilecek.
- Ulusal Kiliseler: Protestan ülkeler artık yeni inançlarını özelleştirerek, tahtın yanında duracak gerçek bir yardımcıya dönüştürebilirler.
- Yeni Dini Sistemler: Hem Budizm hem de Protestanlık yeni birer kat inanç bazlı boyayla boyanıp şenlenecek.
- Tabii Ülkeler için Yeni Seçenekler: Bir zamanlar küçücük para musluklarından ibaret olan bu ülkeleri önceki eklenti paketleri çok daha işe yarar hale getirmişti. Common Sense ise size onları sömürmek veya sorun çıkartmalarını önlemek için kullanabileceğiniz yeni araçlar sağlıyor.
- Ülke Seviyeleri: Devletinizin gelişimine yatırım yaptıkça, küçük bir düklükten önemli bir imparatorluğa kadar yükselebilir ve yeni yararlı özellikler keşfedebilirsiniz.
- Yeni Yönetim Mekanikleri: Teokrasiler, kendilerine özgü yapılarını öne çıkartacak olan yeni eylem ve mekaniklere sahip olurken, Kutsal Roma-Cermen İmparatoru ise Özgür Şehirler yaratabilecek.
- Her zamanki gibi bu sefer de Common Sense'in yanında bir dolu beleş yenilikler ve gelişmiş özellikler gelecek. Ki bunlara Avrupa haritasındaki önemli değişiklikler de dahil.

Common Sense ana dijital platformlarda 9 Haziran, 2015 tarihinde erişilebilir olacak.

HOI3 - Mod Geliştirme Atölyesi / Hearts of Iron 3 Variables
« : 06 Nisan 2015, 20:32:02 »
Sizler için internette bulduğum Descision,Event ve modifier yapımı için yardımcı olan dosyayı paylaşıyorum.

Hoi3 Variables

EU4 - Modlar / [MOD]The World is Complete
« : 24 Mart 2015, 19:00:28 »
The World is Complete

Bu mod Antartika dahil bütün bölgeleri (Wastelandlar hariç) Ekliyor ve Robinson Projeksiyonuna göre ayarlıyor.

This mod extends the map from greenland to antarctica.


- new map projection: Robinson projection, allows to show the entire world at once, balance between conformal and equal-area

- adds more than 300 new provinces in

Greenland, Canada, Alaska, Siberia, Svalbard, Antarctica, Australia, New Guinea, Western Sahara, Namibia, South Africa

many islands:
Tristan da Cunha, Trindade, Ascension, Bouvet, Balleny, Prince Edward, Kerguelen, Heard & McDonald, St Paul & Amsterdam, Comoros, Crozet, Jan Mayen, Bear Island, Pitcairn, Chatham, Antipodes, Norfolk, Auckland, Kermadec, Lord Howe, Macquarie, Juan Fernandez, ...

and sea provinces

- there are no more coast wastelands (except northern greenland and antarctica)

- new tradenodes: Svalbard, Okavango

There might be some missplaced units, unit combats, cities, ports, pixels, etc. If you find any of these or other bugs please report them to me.


HOI3 - Modlar / Hiçbir mod çalışmıyor!
« : 15 Mart 2015, 10:22:54 »
BlackIce,IMPERIUM,WW1mod,HPP Gibi modlar çalışmıyor. Orjinal oyunda da bazen kapanmalar oluyor. Sizce neden? Ve Çözümü nedir?

HOI3 - Modlar / Edit Tool
« : 05 Mart 2015, 17:34:24 »
Sürekli Politik Harita modlayabileceğim kolay bir program arıyorum. Clausewitz Scenario Editor tarzında. Bulabilirseniz sevinirim

(Hoi3 editör demeyin denedim çalışmadı)

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