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Konular - Heinz Guderian

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HOI3 - Modlar / Black Ice Kurulum
« : 25 Mart 2018, 14:27:34 »
Black Ice'ın kurulumunu bana izah edebilecek birisi var mı ? Çok müteşekkir olurum.

Tarih / En Önemli Kuvvetler
« : 03 Ağustos 2017, 11:19:16 »
Soru açık, cevaplarınızı açıklarsanız sevinirim.

Benim oyum Hava Kuvvetlerinden yana, zira Körfez Savaşları'nın bunun kanıtı olduğunu düşünüyorum. Ve tabii ki 6 Gün Savaşı'nın da.

Crusader Kings II / Mod Sürüm Hatası İçin Çözüm
« : 18 Mart 2017, 16:11:55 »
Sürekli oynadığınız ama güncellemeden dolayı yeni sürümden kaynaklı olarak modunuzu oynayamıyorsanız işte çözümü:

1) Steam'a giriş yapın.

2) Solda oyunlarınızın yazılı olduğu bölümde oyununuzun üstüne sağ tık yapın (Örnek: Crusader Kings 2)

3) Özellikler'e girin.

4) Betalar kısmına girin.

5) Girmek istediğiniz betayı seçin bölümünden modunuzun uyumlu olduğu sürümü seçin.

6) Eski sürüme güncelleme tamamlanınca artık oyuna girip modunuzu oynayabilirsiniz.

Crusader Kings II / Monks and Mystics Görüşleriniz
« : 09 Mart 2017, 17:18:20 »
Yeni çıkan DLC'yi aldım ve çok beğendim, çocuk eğitimi, yeni yasa çıkartırken veya yeni bakan atarken sağlanan kolaylıklar çok iyi. Yalnız tarikatlarda mevki atlama biraz basit geldi.

Konu Dışı / Cadılar Bayramı İndirimi
« : 29 Ekim 2016, 21:53:39 »
Dünden beri bayram indirimi var Steam'de. CKII Bölüm Mod'u olarak orjinal aldım sonunda :D

Edit: 1 Kasım'da bitiyor.

Konu Dışı / Kurban Bayramı
« : 12 Eylül 2016, 13:18:01 »
Kurban Bayramınız kutlu olsun Paradoxfan ahalisi.

Konu Dışı / Oyun Oynarken Ne Yapıyorsunuz ?
« : 08 Eylül 2016, 20:22:54 »
Strateji oyunları oynadığım zaman, oyunun müziğini kapatır, seçtiğim devletin marşlarını vs. arka fonda dinlerim, savaş oyunlarında (BF,COD vs.) ise genellikle remix parçalar açıp kendimi gaza getiririm :D Siz neler yapıyorsunuz ?

Crusader Kings II / At Chancellor
« : 30 Ağustos 2016, 19:15:57 »

Crusader Kings II / CKII - Yama 2.6.2
« : 30 Ağustos 2016, 14:57:05 »
############ 2.6 The Reaper's Due 2016-08-25 #############

# Free Features

- Game Rules have been added to the game - Whenever you start a new game, you can change the rules to customize your experience:
- Major Epidemic (requires 'The Reaper's Due'): Dynamic/Delayed Dynamic/Historical/Deadly
- Gender Equality: Default/Historical/All
- Mongol Invasion: Historical/Random/off
- Aztec Invasion (requires 'Sunset Invasion'): 14th Century/Random/Off
- Shattered Retreat: On/Off
- Defensive Pacts: On/Off
- Dynamic De Jure Drift: Default/Restricted/Off
- De Jure Assimilation Duration: Very Short/Short/Default/Long
- Supernatural Events: On/Off
- Culture Conversion: Default/Restricted/Faster Melting Pots/Slower Conversion/Combination
- Religious Conversion Speed: Default/Slower
- Raiding: Historical/Unrestricted/Off
- Adventurers: Normal/Rare/None
- Interfaith Marriages: Restricted/Open
- Matrilineal Marriages: On/Off
- Custom Realms (requires 'Charlemagne'): On/Off
- Story Events (requires 'Charlemagne'): On/Off
- Vassal Republics: Restricted/Unrestricted
- Vassal Theocracies: Restricted/Unrestricted
- Invitation to Court: Default/Open
- Diplomatic Range: On/Restricted/Off
- Regencies: On/Off
- Provincial Revolts: Normal/Rare/None
- Defensive Attrition: On/Tribal Only/Off
- Pagan Reformation: Allowed/Disallowed/Players Only
- Assassination: Plots Only/Direct Action
- AI Seduction (requires 'Way of Life'): On/Off
- AI Intrigue (requires 'Way of Life'): On/Off
- Provincial Revolt: Normal/Rare/None

- The old succession screen has been replaced with one that is much more elaborate!
- The graphics and layout of the screen has been improved.
- A flavorful text will tell your more of the deceased character and what they will be remembered by.
- A picture representing the characters death has been added.
- You will now hear your own death sound when dying.

- Added events through which one can get female councillors, the women can either be talented relatives, vassals or strangers
- Added a 'Release Tributary' decision
- Added a decision to Recruit prisoners
- Added a decision to ask characters to leave your court (at the cost of prestige)
- Added decisions for Hindu Merchant Republics to claim the Vaishya caste
- Added a confirmation event whenever you expel a holy order to avoid expelling them by mistake
- Added a Continue button to the launcher, which boots the game into your latest save
- Added loads of new nicknames
- Added more autosave intervals: every 10, 25, 50, and 100 years
- Changed and optimized compression to improve Ironman saving (and saving in general) times. Unfortunately this means save files are also bigger. For reference, saving my test case file went from 29s to less than 6s.
- There is now an event informing the world when a Crusade/Jihad etc ends inconclusively
- Skilled or ambitious female vassals may now demand a seat on the council
- Added an event to rename "Middle Francia" to "Austrasia" if no longer held by a Karling

Way of Life:
- Added a bunch of new events for the War Focus (Way of Life) where you can get leader traits and teach them to your commanders
- Added a bunch of events for the Theology focus where you retreat into solitude to pray and reflect upon your life
- The Family Focus can now also remove rivalries between close family members

The Old Gods:
- Added some stronger versions of the Viking trait, Ravager and Sea King, which can be gain from further raiding.
- Added targeted decision 'Appoint Shieldmaiden' for Norse pagan rulers, which grants eligible female character the trait 'Shieldmaiden' as well as access to the Commander minor title
- Shieldmaiden training events
- Combat events where a Shieldmaiden can save her liege on the battlefield
- Event chain for befriending a Shieldmaiden
- Added two decisions for defensive pagans - one to worship the ancestors, where a sacrifice can lead to different outcomes in a chosen area, and one to summon a band of devout warriors when getting invaded by religious enemies.

# Balance

- Alliances and Call To Arms
- Restored manual call to arms
- Call to arms from allies can be declined again
- Added defines to enable/disable auto call to arms and possibility to decline them
- Added major opinion penalties to alliance breakers
- Added temporary alliance-breaker modifier (gives -5 diplomacy)
- Made alliance-breaker and truce-breaker temporary modifiers duration scriptable
- AI will consider dissolving alliances with alliance breakers
- AI is unlikely to accept alliances from alliance-breakers
- Fixed a bug that prevented vassals from joining wars against tyrants. Expect revocation wars to be more risky! (can be disabled through the define VASSALS_UNITE_AGAINST_TYRANNY).
- Can no longer call ally to war if ally has NAP with defender
- Alliance breaks with attacker if you accept call to arms from defender
- AI no longer calls all allies into war, but only tries to get more than 1.5 times the opponent's strength

- Flanders is now properly part of France
- Brabant now part of Lotharingia
- Norse, Pictish, Visigothic, and Saxon cultures no longer split if controlled by a powerful ruler, or if their head of religion is of their culture
- Head injury in battle now has a chance to cause disfigured rather than incapable if your have Reapers
- many "active" minor titles, such as designated regent, cannot be held by incapable characters
- Alania is now Tribal from the Old Gods start point onwards
- k_hungary no longer requires a Magyar province to form
- Increased the troop count of the Shia uprising to make it succeed slightly more often
- AI holders of k_france will no longer create k_aquitaine unless they are close to forming Francia
- Gave Berber culture 'allow_looting = yes' and 'seafarer = yes'
- Added requirement for lvl 4 hillfort/market city when upgrading Tribal holdings as a non-tribal
- The AI now makes use of Tribal Armies
- Increased the impact and deadliness of most Epidemic traits
- Updated the 'Funeral Procession' event with better rewards in the options
- Extort Subjects now available when at war
- Donate to Liege now available when liege is at war
- The 'Groom an Heir' ambition no longer requires you to be married
- Updated final 'Ambitious positive' event to be slightly more interesting
- When declining the papal request to switch to Papal Investiture, the Pope may now excommunicate you
- Rank 2 and 3 education outcomes are now more common
- Become King ambition now only lets chancellors fabricate one kingdom claim
- Changed age to set childhood focus to 6 so you can also choose an educator at the same time
- It's now possible to demand religious conversion of landless courtiers even while at war
- Boosted the opinion effects of giving gifts and of the "Improve Relations" councillor job
- Even with the law that allows revocation and retraction from religious enemies, their religious brethren among your vassals will now still be upset
- You no longer get Pagan homeland attrition if you're allies
- Made Agnatic the normal default gender succession law again, except in Christian realms or when you have equality laws, or the new game rule
- Blocked barons from having Agnatic-Cognatic succession (it's an inheritance mess)
- Rulers of all religions are now allowed to convert to the attacker's religion during holy wars, if their Moral Authority is much lower
- Exiled characters should no longer join courts of characters in seclusion, or court of the banisher's vassal
- Characters can no longer escape from House Arrest
- Most of the minor titles can now be made available for female characters as well, provided the correct laws or game rules are in place
- Frail now has a small health penalty
- When a Tyranny war is lost while the Conclave DLC is enabled, the title revocation law will be revoked
- Changed the Eunuch Councilor events so that they are slightly better and show up in the event option so you can click them and check their stats before deciding
- Raised chance of reincarnation events for Indian religion group
- Changed the Jewish Councilor events so that they are slightly better and show up in the event option so you can click them and check their stats
- Lowered the war contribution that all theocracies and holy orders get as attackers in Great Holy Wars
- Powerful vassals will now only be angry that they haven't been given a position on the council if they're eligible for such a position, or they've recently been fired from the council
- Tanistry is now available without Late Feudal Administration, both for Feudal and Tribal Celtics
- Fixed firing Advisors applying the "Revoked Honorary Title" opinion modifier on top of the "Fired from Council" opinion modifiers
- Merchant republics can now always move their capital to a city if their current capital is a castle
- Reintroduced the Bankruptcy character modifier, which reduces army morale by 25% when a ruler has negative wealth
- Councilors who have promised council support to someone will now vote their conscience if the person they're supporting is abstaining
- Commanders can now only be relieved via the Relieve Commander interaction and the Minor Titles screen, which unlike the Revoke Honorary Title interaction, do not incur an opinion penalty
- Retreating enemy armies are no longer considered hostile for the purpose of disbanding units
- Adjusted the 'opinion_unfaithful_husband' opinion modifier
- Adjusted the 'acknowledged_bastard' opinion modifier
- Doubled the positive opinion modifiers from granting landed titles to someone
- Vassals are now grateful when you build buildings in their Holdings
- Viceroyalty succession now overrides all succession law opinion modifiers for that title, since succession law has no effect
- If succession law affects both the youngest and oldest child, and someone is both, they now always get the best opinion modifier
- Fixed heirs not getting positive opinion modifiers from succession laws (E.G., oldest_child_opinion in primogeniture)
- Visigothic culture will no longer split when in a powerful Visigoth realm
- Ladies can now gain the viking trait(s)
- Switching religious branch as an Indian religion will now also switch that of your close kin (if non-zealous)
- Dynamic mercenaries are no longer prevented from marrying
- Even Malcontent voters will now vote for additional council power laws, as it means they'll have more to say 'no' about
- Prisoners from major revolts can now be executed and released
- Significantly increased the chance of vassals joining Grand Tournaments/Furusiyyas
- Reduced the number of unnecessary courtiers generated; should somewhat improve performance
- Redid the Varangian Guard events from MTTH events to yearly pulse events
- Added AI weights to event HL.10531, where a mercenary leader would accept or decline an invitation to a feast, to make it less random
- Moved event SoA.5219 to yearly pulse from MTTH
- Increased the prestige gain from 'Groomed to Perfection'
- Moved the SoA 'wicked priest' events to the bi-yearly pulse from MTTH
- Retreating from battles and sieges now starts the day after you right-click, so that you can cancel it on the same day if you misclick
- Tribals who are Tengri/Altaic will now raise more Light Cavalry and less Heavy Infantry in their summoned Tribal Armies
- William now starts with slightly more Heavy Infantry in "The Stamford Bridge" bookmark, to give him a higher chance of gaining England
- Rulers can now change crown laws every 50 years, rather than once per lifetime (cooldown still removed on death)
- Opinion of predecessor is now also inherited in elective government types if the successor is a close relative of, or in the same dynasty as, the old ruler
- Crusades on titles without a crusade weight are now less likely if said title is not adjacent to territory of the crusader's religion
- Now possible to ask one's liege to press one's claim even if the liege council isn't allowed to vote on war declaration
- Courtiers who have minor titles, friends, lovers, consorts or rivals are now excluded from the court pruning system
- Immortal characters are now immune to pruning
- If subjugation wars are invalidated, the 'once per lifetime' subjugation is now refunded
- If a Muslim Invasion is invalidated, the piety will be refunded
- Loyalists councillors now vote against law proposals started by someone other than their liege

Horse Lords:
- When conquering Nomad land (empty provinces) as a non-Nomadic character, the following will happen:
- A basic Tribal holding will be constructed
- The Nomad culture and religion will be preserved in the province
- A 'Nomad Agitation' province modifier will be added, slightly increasing provincial revolt risk
- On succession, if a character holds provinces with Nomad Agitation they will automatically secede from the realm unless one of the following is true:
- A Castle or City holding has been constructed in the province
- (Only if Tribal) At least 2 buildings have been constructed in the province's Tribal Holding
- Provinces that secede because of Nomad Agitation will spawn a new Nomad ruler as per the culture/s of the released province/s
- If a newly seceded Nomad Ruler borders a Nomad of the same culture, they will join them as a Clan Chief
- If a Nomad conquers a province with Nomad Agitation, the modifier will be removed

- Raiding Adventurers can now properly invade & claim land from Nomads
- If they are the same culture as the target, they will become a Nomadic Clan Chief
- If they aren't the same culture they will become a Tribal Vassal

- Now when you choose to 'Settle as Tribal' as a Nomadic realm your Clan Chiefs will settle along with you

- The 'Pillage Holding' decision has been remade, it will now pillage the selected holding progressively (once every 6 months) until it's destroyed
- When a holding is destroyed from pillaging you get an event containing some flavor
- You can now pillage several holdings in the same province at once
- You can at any time choose to 'Stop Pillaging' a holding by using a targeted decision
- The Revolt Risk associated with pillaging is now capped at 30%
- Claiming a pillaged province as a non-nomad now clears the revolt risk (other penalties still apply)
- The revolts that spawn from pillaged provinces are now significant (no more 60-man whack-a-mole uprisings)
- You can no longer choose to pillage enemy holdings manually, instead it's triggered by event (gain gold or prestige)

- When choosing to settle as a Nomad the provinces that flip to your culture will now try to border each other
- The AI logic for when Nomads want to settle has been changed slightly, certain Nomad personalities will take longer to settle
- If a settling Nomad has only one vassal of king-tier, they will now usurp that character's kingdom rather than create a custom empire
- AI Nomads will now Tribalize if they push too far outside the steppe IF they don't hold much territory in the steppe region + not many castles/cities
- When Nomads Tribalise they now culture/religion convert new provinces based on population/manpower
- When a Nomad Tribalizes a custom kingdom will be created if they would end up as duke rank or lower
- Nomads who Tribalize now get a small amount of event troops
- The Magyars have a significantly larger army in the 867 invasion of Hungary, they will now win more often than not
- Hungarians led by the Árpád dynasty will always want to settle in Hungary if they have the chance
- When the historical Magyars settle in Hungary, more provinces will convert to Hungarian

- The Silk Road has received the following changes:
- The Silk Road has been extended by adding a new branch from Lut - passing through Rayy and Tabriz - to Trebizond
- The southern part of the Silk Road has been updated to also pass through Dhofar, Socotra, Busaso and Taizz on the way to Alexandria
- Increased the base wealth of the Silk Road to 122 from 100, to account for added provinces

- Nomad succession now includes wider range of close relatives
- Unlocked the 'Perform Sky Burial' decision for non-Nomadic rulers of the Mazdan religious group
- Pagan nomads no longer suffer from pagan defensive attrition (made it a define called NOMAD_SUFFER_PAGAN_ATTRITION)
- AI Nomads can now acquire warhorses
- Increased the Steal Population effect on the Humiliate CB from 10% to 25%

Way of Life:
- Intrigue Focus: Spy On: Nerfed the chances of abduction and murder unless you are a Master Schemer
- Added 1 Health to the Theology Focus
- Carousing Focus: You can now invite people to a new party 90 days after the last one (down from 500 days)
- Moved the Theology and Hunting focus events to 'on_focus_pulse'
- Seduction Focus: The rebuff opinion modifier no longer lasts forever

# AI Improvements

- Army AI: Fixed some prio issues where armies would hunt irrelevant armies (vassals of the enemy)
- Army AI: Fixed a province prio issue during revolts against a liege
- Army AI: Fixed some ping-ponging (indecision) issues
- Army AI: Improved priorities vs rebels and landless invaders
- Army AI: Should no longer attempt to pursue shattered armies
- Army AI: Restored focus on occupying provinces
- Tweaked the AI behavior scripts in the seduction events
- Vassal heads of religion will now wait to declare Crusades/Jihads/GHWs until their liege can join (no longer has a truce with the target)
- Added another anti-spam measure for AI vs players regarding marriage and betrothal proposals
- Fixed some problems with marriage proposals
- Tweaked education events to avoid AI rulers getting Stressed or making rivals of their wards
- AI will no longer accept marriage/betrothals to people with contagious diseases, and will think twice before marrying people with non-contagious diseases.
- AI characters will no longer waste favors asking for a vote that is guaranteed to fail due to council members having promised council support to their liege
- Decreased chance of incest marriage for AI with religion where divine blood is enabled
- AI: Non-nomads should be far less keen on taking empty provinces from Nomads
- AI: Fixed a problem where high ranking rulers might never marry
- Fixed an issue with landed AI councillors not marrying
- AI rulers will now allow voters to actually vote on law changes when you run the game without Conclave
- AI rulers will no longer usurp the titles of their liege, since they'll almost always get revoked or usurped back
- AI rulers will not torture, mutilate, blind, or castrate prisoners of their liege's dynasty or anyone when they have under 100 piety
- The AI now cancels its ambition less often
- The AI will now evaluate threats in a more logical way
- The marriage AI has been improved
- Offer NAP interaction now weights in political concerns
- Fixed the AI in some cases repeatedly requesting vassalization of other AIs that'll never accept
- Fixed the AI in some cases repeatedly requesting concubines from other AIs that'll never accept
- Fixed the AI breaking betrothals if the recipient is in revolt
- Fixed some cases of allies being inactive incorrectly
- AI no longer revokes and regrants titles to the same characters
- AI should no longer revoke nomad clan titles
- AI will no longer repeatedly make and break betrothals with the same characters

# Interface

- Updated all Event Modifier Icons to account for color blindness (added '+' and '-' in addition to the red-green color coding)
- Switched the location of the 'Close' and 'Reset defaults' buttons in Message Settings to keep consistency with other windows
- Extended the minimap layout to accommodate for more minimap buttons
- Added VSync support on Linux
- Added VSync option to video settings
- Important minor titles are now shown in a list at the top in the court view
- Added a delayed tooltip to the "Create New Vassal" button
- The "Create New Vassal" button should now be disabled immediately when you use it
- Removed the "Character receives an event." default tooltip
- Military View: Now shows one decimal on the Retinue or Nomad manpower cap
- Added Moral Authority to the tooltip on religions
- Fixed various trigger and effect tooltips
- Shortened the text for the Muslim charity decision so it fits the decision text box
- Characters dying from traits marked as illness or epidemic will now have a green skull
- The Extended Province view has been updated to show the terrain of the province
- If the terrain has a combat bonus, a tooltip will show the details of the modifiers applied to defending units
- The province view now has a button to set up the crown focus
- Added a new icon for 'Ask Liege for Title'
- Fixed F9 not opening the Religion view
- Only rulers' first given name are considered for the purpose of regnal numbering. E.G., "Gustav I Adolf" can be followed by "Gustav II"
- Multiplayer button is now immediately greyed out when clicking "Load Game" rather than getting the "Game State is corrupted. Please restart the game." tooltip while the button is clickable
- Fixed it being possible for the same Autocephalous Patriarch to appear in the religion tab more than once
- Fixed some non-aggression pacts not showing for both participants
- Fixed the # of pacts shown in the character UI sometimes being incorrect until one clicked on the "pacts" tab
- Fixed many instances of triggers of the form "trigger = no" being localized as if they were "trigger = yes"
- Fixed a number of triggers not having a new-line after them in tooltips
- Fixed a trigger not properly stopping its coloration, thus bleeding over into other triggers
- Fixed warscore from battles and ticking warscore not being shown in the warscore tooltip when either side is fully occupied
- Fixed modifier sub-entries (E.G., cultural buildings' effect on cultural units) sometimes not being shown in tooltips
- Fixed the number of decimals used for battles being inconsistent with the rest of the war overview screen
- Fixed characters with no known father not getting their (half-)siblings via their mother listed on their character screen
- Fixed AI plot acceptance tooltip showing too many +/- signs for the character's opinion of the player
- Fixed it being possible for characters to show up in the "grant minor title" UI that don't have you as their liege
- Fixed the time control buttons being active (but unusable) in the Charlemagne start date
- Fixed characters that are currently considering another diplomatic offer from the player being included on the job selection view
- Fixed the days remaining before a diplomatic response often being wrong for non-rulers
- Fixed the days remaining before a diplomatic response being off by 1, showing 0 days left the day before it goes through
- The flag cache is now deleted when the coat of arms files are updated, recreating the flags at game start
- Find Character browser now shows an icon for characters that are out of player's diplomatic range
- Find Character browser now shows a thumbs up/down icon for characters that accept/reject being invited to player's court
- Find Character browser now includes a My Dynasty filter in Great House category to show only characters of player's dynasty
- Hitting Enter on the "save game" screen now saves the game
- Fixed the game not always alerting you of usurpable titles
- Updated the icon for the 'Features' button to blend better into the standard interface
- The Features info screen now uses the same style as the new Game Rules screen
- Fixed having the enemy war leader captured showing as 5% warscore rather than 100%
- Female tribal counts are now properly called chieftesses rather than countesses
- Tribal barons are now called chiefs/chieftesses
- Fixed the restriction that you can't fire a council member if a vote is underway not showing up on the council screen
- Fixed council titles not getting culture/tier/religion specific naming on the My Council screen
- The expiry date for timed opinion modifiers is now shown in the tooltip
- Consolidated all versions of the "Convert to Spouse Religion" decisions to a single targeted decision usable on spouses/concubines
- Fixed the Call Allies Into War alert sometimes showing even if the ally can't actually join the war
- Several buttons that were missing a click sound now have one - Examples being the buttons in the Era Picker, Focus window, Barber window and more!
- Now possible to change plot when one already has a plot without having to manually cancel the existing plot. Can only be done if it is possible to cancel the existing plot
- Fixed the days remaining before a diplomatic response still sometimes being wrong for non-rulers
- Fixed some tooltips being inconsistent between the Character Finder and the Character Selector
- Fixed the opinion bonuses from hospital buildings lacking a "+" sign on the opinion breakdown
- Cloud saves are now sorted newest to oldest, like local saves
- Empty council seats are now shown on the council vote breakdown
- Fixed offensive/defensive bonuses not being shown when they sum up to exactly +100%
- Fixed the advisor selection screen not showing the Powerful Vassal icon
- Fixed the alerts for tech progress in nomad capitals showing the numbers for the province rather than the nomad capital
- Fixed build_holding not localizing properly for forts, trade posts, and hospitals
- The Threat tooltip now states how many months it will take for it to reach 0 at its current decay rate
- The High Threat alert now states how much Threat you have
- The preferred war target for the purpose of council votes is now shown for characters in the same realm
- Doubled the precision of the AI reasoning tooltips. E.G., instead of 2 pluses in favor of joining a plot, 3 to 5 will be shown
- Added an icon to character portraits showing that they owe you a favor
- Fixed the Join/Create faction buttons saying you can't create/join due to being on the council, even when the council laws don't prevent councillors being in factions
- The game will no longer alert you that betrothed can marry if that isn't actually possible due to an ongoing war
- The vassal tax estimate now accounts for their ruler being over their demesne limit
- Fixed the sub-realm view (CTRL+Click) not resetting when switching to the Coalition map mode
- If laws aren't affecting the max liege levy (due to summing up to 0% penalty), the modifier will not be shown
- If you customize your coat of arms, it will no longer be reset upon loading a save after having changed religion
- If the flag of a title is changed during the course of the game, that will now persist upon loading a save (E.G., the flag of an early HRE will not be reset to the German flag)
- The zoom hotkeys (Page Up/Down) now actually work
- Fixed customized hair/beards in some cases being reset upon loading a save
- The "size" of religions on the Religion page in the ledger now includes empty nomad provinces
- Exiting the "religion" or "technology" screen will no longer change your map mode to the one you had open when you opened the screen if you're no longer in the Patriarch/Technology map mode
- The "Next Song" button now shows the full name of the song playing rather than its file name
- The Ruler Designer button is now properly disabled when loading a save
- The Enforce Peace alerts now show the number of days left rather than months if there's less than 100 days left
- Fixed pretenders and people you lost titles to having the wrong portrait ribbon on the Succession screen if they're not feudal
- Fixed the lost titles on the Succession screen often showing the wrong tier crown
- Fixed anti-popes and pentarchs having the wrong portrait ribbon on the Religion screen if they're not feudal
- Realigned Western Portraits so that beards no longer overlap noses
- The In Hiding character icon now takes precedence over all character icons except imprisonment
- The voting buttons for law changes have been moved around as to not be placed on top of the "List of Opponents" button
- Fixed the child of two king or above level rulers sometimes not getting the "Prince/Princess" title in front of their name
- The alert that you can advance technology will no longer show up when what you can "upgrade" is maxxed out technology
- Fixed dynamic titles named after a regular title not having a proper adjective (resulting in E.G., "Cumania War" rather than "Cuman War"). Such titles will now use the adjective of the title they're based on
- Reduced the extent to which ledger column buttons overlap
- The "powerful vassal" icon is now shown where appropriate on your realm tree
- The "pillage" decision is no longer included in the "special holding actions" alert; instead the holdings that can be pillaged are now listed under the "inefficient land management" alert
- The nomad population growth tooltip now accounts for manpower growth
- Fixed the titles of councilors being based on the gender of their liege rather than their own (E.G., women being called "Seer" if their liege is male, and men being called "Seeress" if their liege is female)
- The cooldown, if currently active, for Crusades/Great Holy Wars/etc. is now shown in the tooltip for each religion
- Build entry progress bar no longer progress if province is occupied
- The high threat alert now shows the # of months it'll take to reach 0 threat at your current threat decay rate
- DLC requirements for decisions, laws, etc. are now properly displayed (E.G., Conclave bypassing some of the requirements for Seniority succession)
- The College of Cardinals is now visible even if your religious liege is an anti-pope, though adding campaign funds is disabled
- Moved the alert for advisor titles being grantable to the "council not full" alert from the "special minor titles" alert. The alert now takes you to the Conclave council page if Conclave is enabled
- The Ask Liege to Press Claim interaction is now no longer shown on your liege, since this caused confusion; it only works when interacting with who you want them to declare war on
- It is now possible to change flank commanders during sieges
- The title/region searcher can now search for strings that aren't at the start of the name (E.G., "Roman" will now return "Holy Roman Empire" as well)
- Increased the max zoom level by 2/3, allowing you to see the whole map at once
- Removed several character interactions from the right-click menu when they couldn't apply
- The map mode buttons in the load interface are updated correctly
- When loading a save that has a map mode that is not available in the load interface, the load interface will show the realm map mode, but after loading the save game will restore the map mode the game was using at save time.
- The last used mapmode/speed is now saved in savegames

# User modding


# Bugfixes

- replaced flags with event target in campaign friend events
- adjusted nomad subjugation effects
- SoA.4100 will no longer fire for provinces owned by Nomads
- characters married to a ruler should not become adventurers
- added an on_death event which clears designated regents if your heir has one already (thanks Richvh!)
- you should no longer be able to ask your liege to duel your rival when your rival is your liege
- event 38060 - buying titles from a indebted liege - now uses event target to ensure it is consistent
- fixed some spouse checks in gift to lover event
- added a different option for heretics in the crusade fails event
- changed some use of the old friend opinion to actual friend effects
- WoL.4112 can lead to pregnancy no matter which partner starts the event
- Epic hunt can no longer be started while character is busy
- In the SoA 'Son of a Ruler requests to join Holy Order' events, any piety changes now depend on whether the liege is of another religious group or not
- Fixed issue with missing triggers in old Spymaster 'Vicious Rumor' event
- Updated old feast events (seduction of vassals' daughter) to use event-targets and removed MTTH follow-up event to instead be triggered only
- In the councillor job events, removed the delay on most letter events to prevent receiving letters from dead councillors.
- Added missing localization for INSULT_OCCULTIST and INSULT_CORRUPT
- Removed duplicate compliments from Mystic trait
- Eunuchs no longer fall for Irresistible Wenches
- The 'Multilingual' event chain can no longer happen if you're already multilingual
- Concubines can now forgive you for kidnapping them
- Aztecs are now guaranteed to arrive as a feudal realm
- HL Mercenary events should now only happen for Nomadic Mercenaries
- Mercenaries should no longer be able to elope with prisoners
- Can no longer send imprisoned/incapable/hiding characters away as mercenaries
- Added another option to event 39400
- Manichean and Mazdaki temples no longer referred to as Baronies
- HL mercenaries can no longer heal Maimed by getting Wounded
- Restricted the 'teenage infatuation' events to teenagers
- Fixed so that older bastards don't block the 'Introduce Heir' decision
- Added missing 'female commander' tooltip to Status of Women 4
- Female Caliphs can now start the Jihad era
- Female Muslim rulers no longer get unsuitable events when celebrating Ramadan
- Female Muslim rulers can now go on Hajj
- Updated the 'Market Day' event with better rewards in the options
- The Shia Caliphate will no longer usurp titles from characters outside of the Shia Uprising war
- The Shia Uprising will now create a custom kingdom as fallback if it isn't able to usurp a kingdom title upon winning
- ZE.8010 now blocked for tributaries
- Fixed issue with wife suggesting new councillor not giving correct opinion when denied
- Fixed issue with 'wife giving advice' events not checking if she had the relevant council job
- Nickname 'the Monk' can no longer be given to women
- Adolescence event ZE.13615 now properly checks if your educator is your rival
- Childhood event ZE.12062 now properly applies an opinion modifier
- Tribal shipyards are now listed in the Technology view
- Added a missing duration to the bad_breath character modifier in event ZE.2078
- Fixed an issue with South Indian Portraits not showing graphics for scars, disease and blinded correctly
- Fixed an issue with Indian Portraits where females didn't show the graphics for blinded
- Fixed an issue in the description for the 'Break Up' decision to show the name of your lover correctly
- Cultures without a primary Catholic Holy Order can now always donate money to the Knights Templar and to the Knights Hospitaller
- Arctic, Farmlands, Forest and Hills terrain types now show the correct terrain pictures in the combat view
- Fixed header in Law interface to show longer text strings to avoid cutting it off in French and Spanish
- Moved stat icons, traits and modifiers in the character view to better match the background
- Fixed the Settings banner in Options to fit the interface
- Moved the name of new saves and compress checkbox slightly to be centered correctly when making a save game
- Nicknames 'the Monk' and 'the Nun' can now be gained by having the monk or nun trait respectively
- Corrected tooltip in Nomad tributary war victory effect
- Fixed issues with some achievements being inherited from ai characters
- The faction to Oust a ruler will be blocked against new rulers effectively making it dissolve on new holder
- Rulers will no longer be informed of killing their own commanders
- Favor events should no longer grant characters favors on themselves
- Change Councilor Position got some extra love to avoid endless loops
- Both homosexual characters properly get opinion modifiers when discovered during blot events
- Added missing tooltip text after concluding a feast or tournament
- Nickname 'the blind' will only be given to blinded or one-eyed characters
- Loads of slight performance and scoping script fixes to events
- Fixed so days_since_last_hostile_action trigger also includes attached units
- Characters that are not primary attackers/defenders can no longer call allies in wars with one enemy participant
- Fixed alliance proposals breaking betrothals
- Executing foreign prisoners no longer give you tyranny, but gives you an opinion malus with everyone in their country instead
- random_list effects should now have a better estimation for a uniform random when picking effects of the random_list entries.
- Solved an issue with the add_alliance effect that could make you become allied with yourself instead of the becoming allied with the intended target.
- Merchant Republics should now be able to build trade posts on coastal trade route provinces even without owning the province in question as long as it's in the same ocean as the Merchant Republic.
- Fixed an issue with add_claim and related triggers that made it impossible to use a scope for a title as the right hand side parameter.
- death_reason trigger should now be available for characters that are currently dying (eg during on_death on action events).
- Fixed a recent bug with the has_plot trigger.
- Fixed a bug with title nominations not being reloaded correctly
- TOG.5005 no longer gives scarred if already scarred
- Added VSync support on Linux
- Monthly prestige/piety province modifiers are now added to the character
- Declining a CtA now has correct prestige cost
- Can no longer call ally to war if ally has NAP with defender
- Possible fix to minor titles being duplicated upon inheriting vassals of your vassal
- Fixed a bug with gavelkind succession and temporary revolter titles (the first heir would get the revolter title instead of the proper primary title)
- Fixed a case where raiders looted a holding infinite amount of times
- Grandmasters of Holy Orders now always spawn with traits
- Fixed so that the 'Envoy demands tribute' event only triggers once per ruler, as intended
- wol_lovers_events trigger improvements
- Fixed tooltip issue for philosophical ponderings pilgrim event
- Replaced holders of c_mathura
- ZE.12080 version 2 option C sets correct flag
- When characters ask your permission to join a holy order the piety effect are only used if they are of the same religion as you
- Can no longer launch faction wars if your liege is in revolt
- added various seclusion checks in friends/rivals events and fixed some misc bugs in the file
- when your wife wants you to appoint a new lord spiritual she will select someone valid for the title
- made a separate decision for changing your own and your subject's children's education focus to heritage instead of sending a letter to ask yourself
- Unlegitimized Bastards are no longer able to inherit in Nomad Succession
- Updated the Proud versus Honest trait event (1008) to always be able to give out traits
- Event TOG.2003 (Province adopts Norman culture) now also triggers if the owner is Norman
- Holy orders now reinforce
- Fixed it being possible to gain independence by usurping a title on the same level as your liege
- Fixed converting to feudal/republic resulting in all your levies being wiped out on the following day
- castle_opinion and town_opinion is now applied properly
- Fixed ticking warscore not working in cases where the contested title is held by the attacker rather than defender (E.G., dejure claims)
- Fixed ticking warscore not working in cases where the contested title is a county or barony
- faction_claimant_ultimatum now checks for the liege liege liege enforcing peace
- Fixed case where unlanded characters gained wrong government type
- Fixed subjugation resulting in the attacker getting "granted a title" and "vassal transfer" opinion modifiers
- The longest sound effects are now loaded only when they are needed
- Fixed conquest sometimes resulting in the loser gaining "Independence" threat
- EVTOPTB72060 now uses an event target to use correct pronoun for Jester
- inaccessible vassals will no longer be invited to feasts or blots
- Holy Orders can no longer form Custom Kingdoms/Empires
- Fixed councilors sometimes abstaining as a result of owing favors to characters not on the council
- Fixed wards not always being sent back home when they should when their guardian ceases to be their guardian (E.G., due to death)
- increased crusade weight on c_roma
- Fixed so characters without minor titles that are leading troops are removed when they gain Incapable trait
- Top liege of owners of allied armies that fight in the same war as player now give vision during war
- Council can no longer vote on law changes of secondary titles when Conclave is enabled
- blind characters can no longer witness your affairs
- The "continue" button now ignores broken or otherwise unplayable saves, finding the newest working save (if any) instead
- when you are looking for a friend you trust over your spymaster, check the friend is not also your spymaster...
- The Zunist religious description no longer mentions being restricted to Gavelkind
- Dismissing concubines is now restricted by the "pregnant" trait rather than pregnancy itself, since that's possibly hidden
- plots to forge claims are now aborted when plotter is no longer playable
- joan of arc no longer triggers when female marshals are legal
- event CM.1122 now uses its title and not its desc as a title
- The acquisition date of capital holdings now corresponds with the acquisition date of the county, rather than sometimes being set to 1066 regardless of the current year
- The dejure lands of a title (if it is a dejure title) owned by the defender are now always used to calculate ticking warscore, rather than defacto land
- No longer possible to ask your religious head for claims on temporary titles
- No longer possible to demand the religious conversion of incapable characters
- Creating Mongol Empire no longer resets laws
- Fixed the date of the "last ruler change" being wrong when having gone backwards in time when having selected a start date
- Nomadic Population no longer turns to a negative value when it goes beyond 2M
- Fixed another instance of major revolter (in case you have two revolts, you surrender to one and your heir is leading the other ones)
- Fixed some temporary casus bellis (E.G., Invasion) being disappearing on saving and reloading
- Favors can now be used to force matrilineal marriages if the other party is providing the woman
- Fixed an instance of major revolt titles not being cleaned up correctly when inherited by the target of the revolt
- Invalid job actions are now canceled soon after they become invalid (E.G., Build Legend action after you're no longer tribal)
- Fixed an issue where effects on saved event targets didn't always display a proper tooltip.
- Fixed characters that become unable to command troops after being assigned as commander sometimes persisting in the role
- Province delayed events no longer get deleted if the character who started them died more than a year ago
- RoI.30120 now properly randomizes a religious branch for Jain characters
- Nomad Invasions will no longer be invalidated when a faction succeeds in installing a new ruler in the targeted realm
- Courtiers will no longer fire your councillors through event 30040
- No longer able to have two wars against the same opponent
- Fixed case where rebellions continued indefinitely when main attacker died
- The game should no longer stop up for a few seconds at the end of each year (excluding autosaves)
- Fixed case where heir would not inherit courtiers that are abroad
- No longer possible to have character siege more than one province at the same time
- Heirs in Open Elective realms can only be of the same religion
- Holy Orders and Mercenaries no longer get the 'Goom an Heir' ambition
- Fixed an issue in the "Change Council Position" event where a Marshal wasn't given the job of Steward correctly
- Fixed characters in some cases not getting their own court upon becoming landed
- characters with the do not disturb flag will not be invited to feasts
- WoL.7091 should now use the correct descriptions for indians/pagans
- Fixed a crash when downloading new mods from the launcher
- Attached hostile armies are now engaged
- Fixed a potential source of OOS errors
- Lovers/Spouses in WoL.1160 can no longer be incapable/prisoners
- The spouse in WoL.5200 can no longer be a prisoner/incapable
- The daughter in ZE.1100 can no longer be landed
- Inaccessible character will not be invited to pagan feasts
- Fixed the winner of a crusade/great holy war not always getting provinces occupied by other participants in the war
- Fixed assaults in some cases not progressing due to 3rd party combat in the province
- Courtiers of Nomads now move to another court when clan is absorbed
- Fixed holy orders sometimes disappearing into nothingness in battles and sieges. Now holy orders will fight their own religion if owned by the person raising them, or a vassal of them
- Adventurers can now be women (through certain laws, religions and game rules)
- Ensured that a character's family is always moved with them when they become landed (unless they've got a reason to stay, E.G., being landed themselves)
- Fixed taking a Nomad county sometimes resulting in the province being given to a seemingly random baron in the province
- Fixed case where incapable rulers could go against council
- You can no longer revoke Cardinal titles
- edited loc for event WOL_11002
- Fixed a number of OOS issues
- Opinion of predecessor is now applied properly
- Fixed it sometimes not being possible to call in council support due to the character owning council support to someone no longer on the council
- Fixed it not being possible to ask to join your ally's war if they're a different religion
- Characters whose claims are being pressed can no longer be invited to your court
- Tribal barons created via "Create New Vassal" now get a dynasty generated
- Defenders of an inherited holy war will leave the war if inheritor is of another religion
- Defenders of any inherited war will leave the war if they are in a defensive pact against the inheritor
- Fixed the intrigue view not having tooltips anymore
- Fixed a crash when loading various savegames in the loadscreen before settling on one and actually playing
- Children and other characters unfit to lead troop will no longer lead siege defense
- Added heaps of missing notification events
- Fixed a bug where Viceroyalties handed out to Theocracies could cause the whole Theocracy (such as the Ecumenical Patriarchy) to be inherited by secular rulers
- "Primary type" title holders (Holy Orders, the Pope, etc) can no longer use Claim CBs on higher tier titles
- "Primary type" title holders can no longer be elected to higher tier titles, or put forth through claimant factions
- No longer Game Over when Merchant Republic joins a faction led by another Merchant Republic
- No longer game over as Merchant Republic when liege dies and your relative is leading Mercenary band
- Destroying titles no longer transfer vassals to top liege if holder has another title of same tier or higher
- Optimized a whole bunch of events that were hard on the CPU
- Only the descendants of bastards can inherit their titles - otherwise they now go to the liege
- Reduced the priority of certain messages to reduce spam
- Fixed case where liege before war wasn't cleared properly
- Fixed so characters located in the court of host are moved away when the host loses title and become unlanded
- Fixed the other side's occupations being counted when one side had fully occupied the other side, making it impossible to hit 100% warscore without liberating every holding
- Adults will no longer remain Curious, and instead turn the trait into an adult trait
- Fixed localisation issues in event ZE.2083
- Fixed observing players in lobbies sometimes having their character changed when a player joins the lobby
- Fixed the enforce realm peace cooldown being wiped by saving and reloading
- Fixed there sometimes being a mismatch between the total warscore and its constituent parts when there's multiple attackers
- Fixed claimed titles being considered contested during "claim all" wars even when they're not in the targeted realm
- Fixed crash when reading broken saves that include duplicate characters or characters with ID 0

Crusader Kings II - Hikaye ve AAR / Beş Kralın Savaşı [AAR]
« : 28 Ağustos 2016, 17:03:57 »


Ours is the Fury !


Yeni DLC 4 içerik paketi ile geliyor,

-Doğu Afrika İçerik Paketi
-Geç Bizans Giyim Paketi
-Doğulu Kadın Model Paketi
-Afrikalı Kadın ve Erkek Model Paketleri

Konu linki:

Ayrıca DLC'yi ve yanında gelen içerik paketlerini ön siparişle alabilirsiniz:

Crusader Kings II / CKII - The Reaper's Due Çıktı!
« : 21 Temmuz 2016, 16:48:04 »

Ölüm, 25 Ağustos'ta yeni yama ile birlikte oyununuza geliyor.

Crusaders King II'nin yeni ek paketi The Reapers Due duyuruldu!

Çeviri: Altheir33

Paradox Interactive, ölüm kalımlı strateji oyunlarının yayımcısı ve geliştiricisi, 2 ağustosta Reaper's Due Dlc sinin çıkış tarihini açıkladı, ortaçağ strateji oyunu
Crusader Kings II için yeni bir Genişleme paketi. Bu paket içerik olarak yeni hastalık ve tıbbi mekanikleri oyuna eklemekle beraber oyundaki pek çok asil yaşantısına
yeni ölümcül değişiklikler ekliyor ve Windows, Mac, Linux işletim sistemleri için 25 ağustos 2016 da hazır olacak.

Bu genişleme paketi ortaçağ dünyasındaki kara veba salgınını oyuna en iyi biçimde yansıtmakla beraber yeni mekanikler ve ülke yönetimi üzerinde yeni taktikleri de
kullanılabilir hale getiriyor.

Fakat Paradox'un tüm genişleme paketleri gibi bu da yanında yeni bir patch ile geliyor, bu patch oyunu satın alanlara etki ettiği gibi almayanlara da etki edecek.

  • Salgınlar, istila ve yasal değişiklikler hakkında yeni kontrol imkanları oluşuyor, böylece ortaçağı istediğiniz ayarlarda oyanayabileceksiniz.
  • Belirli zaman aralıklarında oyunu kaydetmeniz için yeni seçenekler.
  • Oyundaki ölüm ve veraset sistemini daha iyi anlayabilmek için geliştirilmiş arayüz.
  • İttifaklar ve AI nin sadık olmayan Müttefiklerine karşı tutumu hakkında yeni ayarlamalar.
  • Oyun optimizasyonunu geliştirmek için büyük düzenlemeler.
  • Devam butonuna basılınca oyunun daha hızlı açılması.
  • Reaper's Due Eklentisiyle birlikte yeni modlama imkanları.
  • Oyunun akışında düzenlemeler ve yeni eventler

Bu patch aynı zamanda Reaper's Due ile birlikte 25 ağustos 2016 tarihinde satışa sunulacak.

Crusader Kings II hakkında daha fazla bilgi için lütfen: sitesini ziyaret ediniz.

Reaper's Due DLC'sine ait günlükleri okumak için

Crusader Kings II - Rehberler / CKII - Rehber İstekleri
« : 13 Haziran 2016, 22:22:25 »
Rehber isteklerini bu konuda belirtelim.

Hearts of Iron III / HO3 Harita Dosyası
« : 09 Haziran 2016, 03:27:39 »
Birisi bana Vanilla map klasörünü yollayabilir mi ? Ayarlayım derken bozdum.

Sizce oyuna nelerin eklenmesi,çıkarılması gerekiyor ?

Bence Neo-Ottoman kesinlikle çıkarılmalı,partilerin başlangıçta olan aşırı popülaritesi azaltılmalı ve mümkünse çeşitlendirilmeli,portreler arttırılmalı,eskiden siyah-beyaz tarihi bir şekilde idi madem renkli yapıyorsun düzgünce yap.

Şimdiye kadar gördüğünüz hatalar neler ? Ben 1939'da Türkiye ile başlayınca Mustafa Kemal'in ölüm eventi gelince İsmet İnönü ölüyor yerine Mustafa Kemal Atatürk geçiyor,ayrıca Adolf Hitler'in resmi karartılmış,bu bir hata mı bilmiyorum.

-Yunanistan'ın İstanbul'da toprak iddiası bulunurken,İzmir'de yok,aynı şekilde Türkiye'nin Batı Trakya ve Hatay'da iddiası yok.

-Nihal Atsız ile Neo-Osmanlı kurulması bir hata,Milliyetçi Türkiye kurulabilirdi.

-Fransa'nın Müttefiklere bağlı olması gerekirdi.

-Almanya'nın Fransa işgali sonrası aniden kurulmasını beklediğim Vichy Fransa'sı bir zaman İtalyan işgalinde kaldı.

Konu Dışı / Bi Rica
« : 30 Mart 2016, 18:20:41 »
Kız kardeşim anoreksiya nevroza hastalığının pençesinde,durumu kötüye gidiyor,inanlardan ricam dualarını eksik etmemeleri,inanmayan arkadaşlardan da iyi dileklerini istiyorum artık durum bu noktaya geldi.

Europa Universalis IV / Sadece İzlemek
« : 23 Mart 2016, 21:40:49 »
Oyunda hiç bir devlet seçmeden oyunu nasıl izleyebiliyoruz ?

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