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I:R 7.geliştirici günlüğü
« : 09 Temmuz 2018, 12:58:28 »
Hello everyone and welcome to the seventh developer diary for Imperator. This time we take a look at our characters!

The characters in Imperator are deeply detailed, and together with the pops and the politics are part of what makes a vibrant living world.

They have portraits that age gradually, with lots of different ethnicities covering the world.

There are four attributes that characters have.
Martial represents a character's ability to fight and lead troops. Characters with high martial skills make excellent generals.
Charisma is a character’s ability to charm and persuade others.
Zeal is a character's ability to inspire faith in other characters, and also in calling upon the favour of the gods.
Finesse represents a character's skill in disciplines requiring a high attention to detail. High finesse characters make excellent researchers and governors.

For those of you that played the original Rome or the Crusader Kings series will not be surprised to hear that our characters have traits. Traits on a character can be gained or lost.

Traits can be categorized in the following categories.
Personality - This includes being Brave or Coward, Cruel or Merciful. These impacts the character attributes and stats directly, as well as….. :)
Military - Usually a character has a maximum of one of those, that may give a bonus or penalty
Health - Stressed, Maimed, Lunatic etc. Not beneficial to the character in most cases.
Status - Some exceptional traits that can be given from actions, like Conqueror
Traits can also unlock a variety of unique event options, each tailored to the specific trait in question. Those of you familiar with CKII will be (dis)pleased to see the return of the Lunatic trait.

A Character also has his or her personal wealth, and four primary stats.
Popularity - Popularity is a measure of how the people see the character. In republics high popularity characters are more likely to elected leader of the republic. However even monarchies cannot ignore popular people.
Loyalty - Loyalty is a measure of a character's loyalty to the state. Disloyal characters are more likely to cause problems to a ruler than loyal ones. However even the most loyal of characters has their limit.
Prominence - Prominence represents the fame of the character. Jobs and titles help bring characters to public attention.
Corruption - Corruption is a measurement of this character’s willingness to engage in underhanded practices. Greed, bribery and the bending of rules come hand-in-hand with high corruption.

Characters have parents, will be able to marry and get children, just as you’d expect. They can also have friends and rivals.

Characters can be given various roles. Besides being ruler of a country, they could be assigned to govern a province, command an army, handle research or be given a role in the government. Some countries allow women to be given offices, and some do not.

There are lots of different interactions you can do with and on your characters, including arranging marriages, bribe them, loan from them, or even sacrifice them if your religions so permit and desire. There will be a deep development diary on those later in development.

We’ll also talk about the factions characters can be in, what holdings are, and other character related things in future development diaries, but next week we’ll go into trade.

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Ynt: I:R 7.geliştirici günlüğü
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Benim bu oyundan anladığım bir şey varsa o da EU4,V2 ve Ck2'nin bir araya toplanıp yeni bir oyun haline getirilmiş olması.
Now, the question of the hour is ‘who’s got the Pandorica?’ Answer, ‘I do.’ Next question, ‘Who’s coming to take it from me?’ Come on! Look at me! No plan, no backup, no weapons worth a damn. Oh, and something else: I don’t have anything to lose. … And if you’ve got any plans on taking the Pandorica tonight, just remember who’s standing in your way.

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Ynt: I:R 7.geliştirici günlüğü
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Ynt: I:R 7.geliştirici günlüğü
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Benim bu oyundan anladığım bir şey varsa o da EU4,V2 ve Ck2'nin bir araya toplanıp yeni bir oyun haline getirilmiş olması.
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