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I:r - 5.günlük
« : 29 Haziran 2018, 18:57:06 »
Hi and welcome to the fifth development diary for Imperator! This time we delve into the population mechanics.

The population in the game is divided into population units, or “pop” for short, just like Vicky or Rome1.

Each individual pop has its own religion, culture and happiness . So yes, there are minorities in Imperator!

While there are ways to increase happiness of pops, including ideas, inventions and access to trade-goods, they tend to be less happy if they are not of the same culture-group, or if they belong to a different religion. Happiness impacts two thing on the pop, first of all, a pops happiness directly affects how productive they are. Secondly, low happiness increases unrest in a city.

There are four different types of pops in the game.
Citizens - They provide research and commerce income. These represent the patricians in Rome, and nobility in monarchies
Freemen - They provide manpower. The plebs of Rome is included in this group.
Tribesmen - These provide a tiny amount of manpower and tax income. These are the barbarians or uncivilized parts of your areas.
Slaves - These provide tax income
So how do you get a more pops in a city?

First of all, there is always a single pop either in growth or decline, depending on the population growth of the city. When this pop is fully grown or totally dead, either a current pop is picked for death, or a new random pop is created that will slowly grow.

Terrain, Civilization value, amount of pops in the city and access to trade-goods impact the growth in a city.

Secondly, you can also gain pops through warfare. As you sack cities you will take some of their pops back to your main capital, and your provincial capitals as slaves.

One other aspect of conquest is that when a city formally becomes yours, citizens becomes freemen, and freemen becomes slaves.

If you need more citizens or freemen of your pops, you can always promote pops to a higher class of society, where promoting a slave or tribesmen to freemen currently have a base price of 10 religious power, and promoting a freemen to citizen costs 10 oratory power.

If you permanently want to increase a pops happiness, you can always spend some religious power to convert them to the state religion.

We’ll talk a fair bit more about pops in the development diary about colonisation and internal movement later on.

Of course, any modder can define how many pop-types they want and what they are used for freely. Here is an example of the freemen poptype.


Another cool modding aspect is that everything that costs power, manpower or money use the same “price”-mechanic internally, so you can base everything on money if you so desire. Here is a few scripts from the price database.

Next week, we’ll be back looking at the economy system.
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