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The EU4 to V2 Converter Project
« : 06 Mart 2014, 19:37:18 »
Yes, it's me again, with another converter project. This converter will allow you to to continue a EU4 save in V2. Including games started back in CK2.

Programming may be intermittent from me. Life is pretty busy, and I still want to support the previous converters. Fortunately, we have a couple of programmers who have stepped up to the plate. Even more would be quite welcome.

Unlike previous converters, this one will create a mod. If it proves to be helpful, we might also create a save.

We're programming in C++, allowing for (hopefully) much code reuse from the other converters. Certainly we'll be borrowing ideas from them.

We're using SourceForge for project hosting. If you want to participate, PM me your SF username.

If you want to help, here are some things we need:
V2 Modders - We're going to need your expertise in generating things, fixing bugs, etc.
Programmers - We always need more programmers. If you give me your SourceForge username, I'll give you access to the codebase.
Everyone -
Review the existing mappings. We can post the existing ones here, or I can give you repository access.
Do some thread archeology to find the details of the EU3 to V2 Converter (and why we did things how we did)
Discuss various conversion mechanics
Invite as many programmers as you know to help out

Q: I got an error that mentions MSVCP120.dll. What do I do?
A : Go to the Visual Studio Redistributable page: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/downl....aspx?id=40784
then click Download and select vcredist_x86.exe.
Once it has downloaded, install it and run the converter again.

Important Links

Download Version 0.1C
Sourceforge Project
Bug tickets
Paradox Game Converters Main Thread

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