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We are the World campaign
« : 28 Haziran 2013, 04:57:19 »
Alıntı yapılan: Paradoxplaza
We at the development team on East vs. West: A Hearts of Iron Game are now officially launching our “We Are The World”-campaign, a design idea to let you impact the content of chosen key elements in East vs. West while the game is still in development. Growing and progressing, we love interacting with gamers and we believe that the feedback provided by players enriches the development and the game.

As we have been virtually drenched in requests to include specific content, we set our ambition on taking this challenge on, and so we are boldly breaking ground, giving you the opportunity to impact the content of the game. Together with Paradox Development Studio we are evolving this idea, as it will let us elevate the fun aspects of game making while gathering awesome input and feedback from you.

Mold historical leaders by giving feedback on updates, share your input or perhaps you know someone who might be a better candidate for an ideology, support us! Suggest possible historical or ahistorical leaders, design and customize your own! You focus on your story and getting that awesome picture of you dressed like the unknown brother of Kim Jung Il to us, while our team will review, balance and implement a selected collection of your suggestions. Historical or fictional, we aim to reduce randomized game content and instead handcraft each individual Cold War avatar together with you. Together, We are the World.


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