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CK2 Scenario Editor
« : 08 Temmuz 2014, 10:07:48 »
CK2 Scenario Editor

Version 0.2.R3 (2014/3/31)    Info


Crusader Kings 2 is sorely missing a tool to mod the game in a more "visual" way. At least I don't know of a tool that's been published around here.

I started to code an editor based upon the Clausewitz Scenario Editor.

In the moment it is in an early phase so much content is still missing. Still, it can already be used to edit and view a big chunk of the county and history files. I just figured posting it here early on will help me figure out 1) if anyone is interested and 2) what should be prioritized.

Many of the problems it currently has will be ironed out in upcoming versions and new things will be added (I take recommendations).

So try it out and tell me if it was of any use!

System Requirements
Java 1.7. This is installed on practically all new computers these days, so you probably have it already.

Open up the config.txt and edit in the installation directory of your game (maindir), your mods folder in user documents (modsdir) and the name of the mod you want to view (modname). Every line with a '#' at the start will be ignored.
It does NOT work with vanilla and with mods that are not put in the My Documents directory.
Then run scen-ed.bat

A (public) SVN repository for the editor is housed here: https://www.assembla.com/code/ck2scenarioeditor/subversion/nodes/3/trunk

Big thanks to Michael Myers for his work on the original tool


Orjinal Konu: http://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/showthread.php?686024-TOOL-CK2-Scenario-Editor
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