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Bill Peters ile röportaj (John Tiller Software)
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Eckmühl, Wagram, Jena, Austerlitz, Leipzig, 1814 ve sonraki Bautzen'in senaryo ekibinden Bill Peters'in yorumları. Şunu belirtmek lazım ki kişisel mesaj atıldığında tarihsel konularda oldukça mütevazi bir şekilde cevap veren bir kişiliğe sahiptir. Napolyon dönemine ait tespitleri ve değerlendirmeleri gayet güzel ve yerinde.

SDC: What is the most interesting aspect of the Napoleonic Wars for you?

BP: The fact that you have the primary belligerent (Napoleon) able to take advantage of the lack of Allied unity. It reminds me of the American Civil War where Stonewall Jackson or General Lee was able to win multiple battles against multiple armies in a short period of time because of the lack of concentration and/or cooperation.

The Napoleonic Wars (and the Revolutionary Wars to some extent) was one of the first times in modern military history that combined arms were used, and frankly it was more by accident than design. The most common use of combined arms was artillery and cavalry. These two teamed up on more than one occasion. Combining infantry and cavalry together in an attack was very rare to be honest.

Kellerman's charge at Marengo was really just a good old fashioned opportunity charge. There were the Austrian infantry. There was Kellerman's heavies. Mix them together and you get an infantry disaster of the first magnitude.

Napoleon's incredible ability to concentrate his army and also his reforms in both the military and civil arenas were by far above and beyond anything his belligerents achieved during the wars with the notable examples of the British use of light infantry and the Prussian reforms after the 1806 disaster.

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